V Rising: How To Find And Defeat Nicholaus The Fallen

All the bosses present in V Rising give different recipes and rewards. Players have to find and defeat bosses as they progress through the various levels.

Given the importance of the rewards, Nicholaus the Fallen is an important one. He is a Level 37 boss, whose elimination will give players some significant awards. There are some things players have to know before battling Nicholaus the Fallen, including the full weapons list and what to be aware of in terms of protection.

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The following guide will help players in finding Nicholaus the Fallen and defeating him, alongside what is needed to achieve full completion. 

V Rising - Nicholaus the Fallen

V Rising: How to find and defeat Nicholaus the Fallen

Before going on the hunt for Nicholaus the Fallen, you should have the below Spells and Weapons ready:

  • Veil of Blood: Gives extra healing powers after dodging.
  • Frost Bat: Players can use this as CC against Nicholaus the Fallen and ADDS.
  • Chaos Volley: Inflicts magic damage and Chaos Burn. 
  • Merciless Copper sword: Its AoE spinning slash will damage the armies of skeletons that Nicholaus uses. 

Now that you have the gear ready, it is time to locate Nicholaus the Fallen. He can be found in the Forgotten Cemetery in Farbane Woods. You must make sure that you are well-versed in the art of fighting V Blood Carriers, as Nicholaus the Fallens functions in much the same manner.

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The opponent’s main strength lies in numbers, which is calling upon hordes of skeletons in a bid to overpower the player. You can try to keep looping around the battlefield alongside using ranged attacks.

V Rising - Fighting Nicholaus The Fallen

If that fails, with the skeletons getting too close, switch to melee strikes and abilities. The below list illustrates the main abilities of Nicholaus the Fallen in combat: 

  • Unholy Flash: Nicholaus will teleport to a different location and inflict AoE damage when he comes back. 
  • Blasphemous Blast: He throws one Unholy projectile that explodes after hitting.
  • Pestilence: Nicholaus launches three consecutive projectiles which deal Unholy damage and Amplify, which increases the damage received. 
  • Necromancy: Nicholaus brings many skeletons by lifting his staff.

Having eliminated Nicholaus the Fallen, you will be in line for some great awards and abilities. Players will get two Vampire Powers, with one of them being Pestilence that Nicholaus himself uses in the battle.

The other one in is Ward of the Damned. It increases movement speed and temporarily stops frontal attacks from enemies. Additionally, a skeleton will arrive if you are hit nonetheless. Though it is not too strong, this can provide a nice distraction with its defence during tough battles.

These are the powers that Nicholaus’ defeat will grant, but the main goal of being victorious is unlocking the Study. This is a research workstation that is vital for having advanced technology that helps players mover from early game powers to mid-game. Therefore, the Study will be crucial in battling future bosses alongside furthering your overall progress in the game.

Thus, the above mentioned guide will help in defeating Nicholaus the Fallen for the same. 

Last Updated on July 9, 2022

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