V Rising: How To Find And Defeat Raziel The Shepherd

One of the most popular games in 2022, V Rising, has been a critical hit with game players all over the world. Its exciting gameplay, array of items of craft, and real-like vampire attributes have been great fun to play with.

As with any other game in this genre, fighting bosses and collecting rewards is an essential features. This is where Raziel the Shepherd comes in. He is a Level 60 V Blood Carrier, whose defeat will award players with some great prizes for future progress.

Given the high level of difficulty, players can encounter problems while fighting Raziel the Shepherd. Not to worry, as the following guide will help players in battling and eliminating Raziel the Shepherd. 

V Rising - Raziel the Shepherd

V Rising: How to find and defeat Raziel the Shepherd 

Firstly, it is recommended the players defeat Christina the Sun Priestess before taking on Raziel. Her defeat will give players the recipe for the Holy Resistance Potion. It can then be crafted at an Alchemy Table. You will need: 

Having got the weapons necessary, it is time to find Raziel the Shepherd. He can be found in the Dunley Monastery, situated inside Dunley Farmlands. You can find the Monastery north of Mosswick Village, and south of Bedrock Pass. 

V Rising - Fighting Raziel the Shepherd

Like in the case of all fights against V Blood Carriers, you have to make sure of some things in the beginning. Players should remove the ADDS and environmental blockades that are there in the area beforehand. This will be extremely helpful in dodging Raziel’s attacks during the battle. The list of attacks used by Raziel the Shepherd is given below to better the knowledge of players: 

  • Heavenly Slam: A red circle is visible for some time before an AoE explosion crashes down on the floor from above. 
  • Pillar of Light: A laser beam strike, once again from above the battlefield. 
  • Holy Bolt: Raziel will attack with a projectile which will inflict AoE Holy Damage when explodes upon hitting. 
  • Crimson Beam: Raziel attacks with a big beam for some time and he can also rotate while using this ability in battle. 
  • Beacon of Light: A beacon-like artifact protects Raziel and can freeze the player in his position if they get too close to Raziel. Therefore, you are advised to use ranged attacks. 

After defeating Raziel the Shepherd, players will receive some nice awards. They include the Vampire Power Crimson Beam whose power is mentioned above. You will also get two Recipes and the blueprint for the Athenaeum. Here is what each of them does: 

  • Silver Resistance Potion recipe: It is vital for mining and getting Silver Ore from the Sacred Silver Mine, situated in Silverlight Hills. Furthermore, this potion will also protect players from the damage inflicted by carrying high quantities of silver. 
  • Corrupted Artefact recipe: It is an accessory in the shape of a pendant that has a Gear Score of 21 and increases Spell Power by 22.9.
  • Athenaeum blueprint: The most important prize in this Structure is the top-tier version of the Research Desk and Study. Therefore, it will be extremely useful in crafting high-tier equipment like Bloodmoon and Sanguine. 

Last Updated on July 10, 2022

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