V Rising: How To Find And Defeat The Ferocious Bear

The survival and horror genre has got a major boost in 2022 with V Rising. The vampire-loving gamers are really enjoying their time, marauding through the various quests and battling bosses.

Additionally, there are a ton of achievements and items that players can craft from scratch, apart from adventuring all over the game. V Rising has a very interesting array of bosses, who give a variety of powers and recipes after they are defeated.

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One of the most difficult bosses that players will come across in the game is the Ferocious Bear. You will have to change your strategy from being stealthy and fine-tuning stuff to a full-on fight. 

Furthermore, you will need more than one travel ability as Ferocious Bear is extremely agile. The following guide will help brave players find and defeat the Ferocious Bear in V Rising. 

V Rising - The Ferocious Bear

V Rising: How to find the Ferocious Bear

If you have found the ability to fast travel in the game, there will be a way gate near the Bear’s Den where the boss Bear lives. It is located in the Farbane Woods (of course) and is on the eastern side of the game map.

Players will have to enter the location by going through a ramp leading south. This will take you directly to the Ferocious Bear’s cave and it is here that the fight will commence.

You can have this battle during any part of the day, given it is always shady inside the cave. Players are advised to keep the Veil of Chaos ready.

V Rising - Location of the Ferocious Bear

This can be found after defeating Clive the Firestarter boss. Additionally, keep any shield ability handy as the fight with the Ferocious Bear will require them in heavy numbers.

Melee fights will be useless, so make sure to have the Crossbow or Slasher handy. Their range will be helpful, instead of going directly against the big bear. 

How to fight the Ferocious Bear

Part one

Battling a bear, there are only a few things that an animal of this size and stature will be able to do. The favorite attacks will involve directly running at you in order to attack most of the time. Another attack involves rearing up on its back legs and slamming the full force down to inflict damage on you.

Therefore, players have to get away from the marked circle when she is getting ready. However, the attack will cause rocks to fall on the players, and they have to either move closer to the bear to burst the rocks with ranged weapons. This will be mighty helpful in not taking damage from the rocks.

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The Ferocious Bear also has a swiped attack with its paw, and players will need a shield to evade this if they cannot move back in the given time to avoid the attack.

Part two

Obviously, there are more attacks now. This part has two new moves. The first one involves the bear being surrounded by an orange wave of light. Then the Ferocious Bear will growl, which increases the speed and attack alongside lowering the movement abilities of attackers.

This time, you will not be able to avoid attacks by moving back. You need travel and shields. The other attack sees the bear rushing forward, from her back legs.

Players will be stunned if they are attacked, and then the bear will be free to attack in series. This will certainly bring about your downfall. 

Thus, there is everything you need to know regarding this important and hard battle. One of the hardest bosses to get through, you might need a few tries before mastering it. 

Last Updated on July 11, 2022

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