V Rising: How To Find And Defeat Beatrice The Tailor

 There are several different types of bosses for players to battle and defeat in V Rising. These boss battles will reward you with loot, recipes, crafting items, and more. Therefore, knowing how to follow bosses and beat them is essential in order to progress through the game. One of the most interesting bosses in this regard is Beatrice the Tailor at Level 38.

There are a few things that set Beatrice apart from the other bosses you will encounter in the game. In that regard, the following guide will help you in tracking down Beatrice and defeating her in order to gain some really special powers. 

V Rising - Beatrice the Tailor

V Rising: How to find and defeat Beatrice the Tailor

Beatrice the Tailor lives in the village town of Dawnbreak in Dunley Farmlands. She is supposed to have the blood of Dracular in her veins, and is the most accomplished tailor in all the land.

Players have to head to the south inside Dawnbreak Village, which in itself is north of the Dunley Farmlands and southwest of Abandoned Farm. Having found Beatrice, the battle gets extremely tricky. She has no real powers or special abilities in terms of direct weapons.

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Therefore, she will run all around the village. Given the blood of Dracula in her, Beatrice has incredible speed and can outrun virtually anyone.

Of course, she will slow down with time, but trying to hit a moving target continuously is no easy task. Moreover, you have to be aware all the time of not letting her get out of sight.

Beatrice is beloved in the village, and that works to her advantage now. She will compel every villager to come and fight the player, meaning the whole area will become a battlefield. You have to keep chasing after her, while continually trying and avoiding or beating the locals.

Moreover, her incredible speed and fleet-footed movement will be an asset in trying to evade you. For players thinking of following her on horseback, there is bad news.

You will have to get off your horse after getting damage from Beatrice or the locals. Therefore, your best bet is to drive Beatrice outside of Dawnbreak Village.

 V Rising - Beating Beatrice the Tailor

Make sure you are keeping clear of the northern part, as the elite Nuns and Christina the Sun Priestess reside. Having driven her out of the village and defeating her, you will be awarded the Structure Blueprints for Loom and an array of Curtains for your Castle.

Moreover, you will also get recipes for cloth, cotton yarn, and the Hunter’s Cloak. All these recipes can be used to craft the respective items at any Tailoring Bench.

However, the best award is undoubted ‘Human Form.’ It will allow you to disguise yourself as a human and visit any other places on the map which are filled with the human population. 

There you have it, everything you need to know regarding finding and defeating Beatrice the Tailor in V Rising. Though she may seem powerless at first, battling her will be no easy task.

Players may need some time to get to terms with her unique skillset and the phenomenon of running everywhere. 

Last Updated on July 11, 2022

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