V Rising | How To Get Scourgestones

You’re probably all wondering how to get those weird tiny green things known as Scourgestones in V Rising. In this short guide, I’ll try to assist you by describing all of the ways and locations where you can obtain this precious reward.

Scourgestone is a magical component used in the creation of a variety of items, including jewels and, most significantly, silver ingots. Let’s start at the beginning.


How To Get Scourgestones In V Rising

There are basically two ways you can obtain Scorgestones in V Rising. Crafting and Farming. Crafting is a bit of a bother but it can be rewarding if you are fine with the time taken.

However, there are plenty of places in the open world where you can get these rare resources. I have given all the details down below. Check them out at your leisure.

How To Craft Scourgestones

In Furnace, you can make it with the following recipe:

  • 1x Whetstone
  • x3 Glass
  • x3 Grave Dust

I don’t think it makes sense to tell you where to find those other recipes or how to make them.

Where To Find Scourgestones In Map

Crafting is enjoyable, but it requires a lot of resources. To make numerous parts, you’ll need to collect several components at once. To make your life easier, try looking for them in the following places:

Church of the Damned

Located to the north of Dunley Farmlands. The only spot where you can be certain of finding these items. They spawn in chests and drop in a set percentage from mobs.


Dunley Monastery- inside coffins

It is located to the west of Dunley Farmlands. This is a higher-level place with a strong holy radiation impact. At this spot, there are a couple of coffins with a good probability of Scourgestone spawning.

Ancient Village- in different boxes

Found in Cursed Forrest which has two settlements located at a high elevation. Scourgestones can be found in various boxes around those locations.

Mob Drops

Only a few monsters drop these items and they are Skeleton Bishop and Scarecrow. 

Skeleton Bishop

The first may be found in practically every cursed dead location, with the exception of Farbane Woods. This mob has a high percentage of Scourgestone dropping.


This mob may be found in the Abandoned Farm area. When you arrive, you will notice a few scarecrows that are simply standing. The next step is to simply hit them. There’s a potential that one or two of the Scarecrows will transform into a mini-boss and drop a large number of Scourgestones.


Building Tombs and spawning different creatures are one of the finest ways to obtain Scourgestones. Every tomb can spawn a Skeleton Bishop or Banshee, both of whom have a chance to drop Scourgestones.

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Last Updated on May 24, 2022

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