V Rising: How to Increase Gear Level

V Rising is the hottest new Survival RPG in town. Featuring some intense combat, a unique crafting system, and a vast world to explore, the Stunlock Studios title has managed to gain popularity throughout the globe as fans continue to get impressed with what the world of V Rising has to offer.

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If you’re playing V Rising for a while, you should already know how important increasing your Gear Level can be if you’re looking to defeat tougher foes. However, newer players may often find themselves confused about how to increase Gear Level in V Rising. In this guide, we’re gonna take a look at how you can increase your Gear Level in V Rising. 

How to Increase Gear Level in V Rising

Your character’s Gear Level determines how strong your character is in V Rising. To put it simply, the higher your Gear Level, the stronger you are in the game. You can also take on tougher enemies and bosses as your Gear Level increases. 

To increase your Gear Level in V Rising do the following:

  • All you have to do is equip your character with better gear.
  • Other than improving your gear level, crafting better gear for your character will also give you bonuses like extra physical power and max health once you complete a full armor set.
  • Apart from armor, players in V Rising also have the freedom to craft various weapons.
  • These weapons can also be useful in other aspects like cutting down trees or chopping plants. 

Make sure that you have a simple workbench in your castle before you look to craft new gear to increase your gear level in V Rising. It can be easily created from the build menu once you unlock it. Till then, your best bet is to keep exploring the V Rising world and killing monsters along your way. 

Importance of Gears in V Rising

V Rising caps the current maximum gear score at level 80, which will make it easy to defeat any enemy with the right strategy. One of the main loops of the experience is the improvement of gear by killing bosses.

There are several benefits to defeating bosses, along with several powerful upgrades. The menu will show the players how far away they are from the maximum limit.

The Blood Altar allows players to claim their blood. The player will get a new power, a new production capability, and a few new recipes. Early on in the game, players should seek out the Alpha Wolf. The player can transform into a wolf at level 16.

The gear score is important, but it isn’t everything. The specific benefits and weaknesses of weapons should be considered by players. Some weapons are more effective against certain substances.

That will be all from this guide on how you can increase your gear levels in V Rising. Thanks for reading and keep an eye out for more such interesting guides and updates!

Last Updated on June 1, 2022

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