V Rising: Guide To Unlock The Alchemy Table

There are a lot of things you can do in V Rising, which include beating bosses, crafting items, and protecting your Castle among many others. One of the most important things that players can craft and unlock is the Alchemy Table.

There are several uses of the Alchemy Table, which makes it an incredibly handy item to have in the game. V Rising has helped players to make their own items, enhance their game skills, become better prepared to run their Castle, and take on powerful enemies.

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The following guide will help you in crafting your own Alchemy Table and lead you on how to get started with using the table. Therefore, make sure that you are using it in the game as it will greatly enhance your overall gameplay. 

V Rising - Alchemy Table

V Rising: How To Craft the Alchemy Table

The Alchemy Table is a very powerful item that will help players in crafting potions, explosives, and other items. These will be helpful as the game progresses in dealing with bosses and keeping your own health.

Potions can bring upgrades to your stats while explosives can be used for mining ores and more resources throughout the game.

Players will need to defeat Clive the Firestarter boss in order to unlock the Alchemy Table. Use your Blood Altar to track him, and make sure you are carrying enough iron gear.

Moreover, be mobile during the fight and the best way is to use the Crossbow, which will inflict heavy damage on the boss.

After winning the battle, you will pick up the recipes needed to craft the Alchemy Table, alongside Sulphur, and Minor Explosive Box. The recipe of Sulphur will be key in using raw Sulphur Ore from mining and turning it into Sulphur through a furnace in the game.

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Having received all the items, start creating your own Alchemy Table in the following manner: 

The Blood Essence can be acquired from killing human enemies, while planks are created after turning lumber into a Sawmill. Having got all the items necessary, you are all set to create your own Alchemy Table.

Therefore, after the Alchemy Table is ready, you can craft Potions and Explosives from the recipes 

V Rising is an extremely expansive game that has players hooked to it for a long time. Moreover, you can find great uses for the items crafted through the Alchemy Table that give you an edge in the overall game as it gets more difficult. 

Last Updated on July 11, 2022

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