V Rising: How To Unlock Flying Through Bat Form

The vampire lover in all of us has been salivating over V Rising in 2022. The survival and horror-themed game has been a critical success. There are a ton of items of craft, ingenious bosses to defeat, and magical powers to unlock.

Players are having a great time sinking their teeth into the many fantastic abilities of their character. One of the most useful talents that you can learn in the game is how to fly. We all love flying and towering over opponents. V Rising has given flying an important role in the game.

It can be unlocked by getting Bat Form. The following guide will help players in decoding the benefits and drawbacks of Bat Form, alongside how to get it. 

V Rising - Flying Bat Form

V Rising: Uses of Bat Form

Bat Form has several cool benefits. Players cannot be struck while they are flying, meaning opponents are rendered useless. You will be able to go to places that humanoid form will not take you.

It is of great benefit as players can scout without having to worry about fog, thereby enabling them to pinpoint enemies with ease. Furthermore, Bat Form is important to go up the The Dreaded Peak located inside the Farbane Woods to take on the late-game boss Winged Horror.

Therefore, Bat Form will be of great use in terms of progression through the game. However, make sure that you return back to your castle before sunrise after your sojourns, in order to stay safe and not take damage from the glaring rays. 

V Rising - Nightmarshal Styx

V Rising: How to get Bat Form

To get flying through Bat Form, you have to take on and eliminate Nightmarshal Styx the Sunderer. He is a Level 76 V Blood Carrier, who is found in the dense environment of the Cursed Forest.

Like a few bosses in the game, Nightmarshal Styx has no fixed location as he wanders all around the Forest in order to hunt. Given he is a Level 76 boss, players have to be extremely careful in taking on this boss. Nightmarshal Styx will be a big challenge than some of the previous bosses.

You are advised to only take on this enemy having reached Level 75 or more. If you are in a group of players, the chances to defeat Nightmarshal Styx on lower levels is a possibility, if all of the members are sufficiently equipped.

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Nightmarshal Styx will keep on disappearing during the battle, giving you ADDs to fight. These ADDs will heal players after they die, so make sure to defeat them as quickly as possible.

You should have enough firepower and coordination in order to stop Nightmarshal Styx in his tracks. Having eliminated the boss, you will receive the Bat Form that can be used for flying anywhere in the game. 

Last Updated on July 11, 2022

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