V Rising: Guide to defeat Putrid Rat

Vampires and horror collide in V Rising with a survival-based, fast-paced game that is making waves. Crafting and fighting bosses is one of the most vital aspects of V Rising throughout. Players will get newer abilities, items, and weapons as you level up. However, the various array of opponents always come with their respective challenges, like Clive the Firestarter.

One of the most unique enemies is Putrid Rat, who cannot be located through V Blood from the Blood Altar. Therefore, summoning this enemy will be a difficult task, unlike the actual battle itself later on. The following guide will help you locate Putrid Rat and the ways in which you can defeat it.

V Rising: Steps to summon Putrid Rat

The Blood Altar has all the enemies players can locate and defeat throughout the game. However, Putrid Rat is the sole opponent who needs a special process. Therefore, players need to construct a Vermin Nest.This is how it is done:

  • Open the Refinement section from the Production bar
  • 360 Stone and 120 Bones
  • The Vermin Nest will get unlocked
  • You will find the summon or refine Putrid Rat option

Players will need some more items in order to do the aforementioned activity, like:

  • Fish Bone (4)- players have to craft this with the help of Grinder
  • Twilight Snapper (1)- players need to use a Fishing Rod and go fishing. However, you will have to construct a Fishing Rod. It will need Planks (8), Coarse Thread (4), and Copper Inglots (4)
  • Grave Dust (8)- players will get this through looting and ravaging chests in the encampments of enemies

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Therefore, you can already see why finding Putrid Rat is not an easy process. However, once you have the above-mentioned items, everything is set. Return to the Vermin Nest, and start the process of summoning Putrid Rat. It will spawn right in your castle, saving you the journey of tracking the enemy.

Defeating Putrid Rat in V Rising

Unlike other battles taking place in the open, Putrid Rat will be a challenges inside the Castle. Which means you may have to be extra careful in avoiding its attacks, with space being limited. The attack using a horde of rats is a specialty of Putrid Rat, so make sure you keeping doing melee attacks.

This will help in keeping the pressure on the main enemy, Putrid Rat. After you win the battle, the powers of the Rat will be bestowed upon you. It will be very helpful in tiptoeing around enemies without raising suspicions at all. Thus, it is an extremely necessary form that will assist players massively.

Last Updated on May 20, 2022

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