V Rising – Wolf Form and Alpha Wolf Location

 I have recently started playing V Rising and let me say that this is an excellently built survival game. It has all the elements to keep you posted with the game for some time to come. Much of it is credited to the unique powers and combat mechanics it has.

One of the Powers you can unlock in V Rising is called The Wolf Form. In this guide, I will show you where you can find The Alpha Wolf, and also how to take the Wolf Form.

Alpha Wolf Location V Rising

How To Find Alpha Wolf and Take Wolf Form in V Rising

The first and foremost thing to do even before starting to venture out is knowing where to spawn in V Rising. I found that East Waygate was the aptest location to access the jungles. So you may want to spawn there.

How To Find Alpha Wolf

Ideally, you can find an Alpha Wolf by following a pack of Wolves. If you can locate one from a distance, keep following it and make sure it does not detect you. On the map, it should be where there are bridges and Dense Jungles.

Another way, and I think most of you can use this method, is to use the Blood Altar to detect Alpha Wolf. Here is the list of things you need to do to track Alpha Wolf:

  • Press B and build yourself a Blood Altar.
  • Open that and Find Alpha Wolf from the list of Enemies you can Track.
  • Once you have that, Press “TRACK BLOOD” to toggle an indicator.
  • This should look like a trail of blood.
  • Keep walking towards the indicator until you locate the Alpha Wolf.

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How To Take Wolf Form

Once you have located The Alpha Wolf, you need to bring it down by attacking it rigorously. Once you do that, the game will indicate you to Hold F To Extract Blood. Do this step and it will start an animation. Here is the video showing you how to do it:

YouTube video

Once you have extracted Blood from The Alpha Wolf, the game will indicate that you have acquired a new V Blood. To use this skill, press and hold Left-CTRL on Keyboard and open the power cogwheel.

Select the Wolf Mark from there, and you will see that you have started an animation to turn into a Wolf. Complete that animation and you will successfully take Wolf Form, as you can see from the above video.

Press T to use the ultimate ability of the Wolf Form called the Howl. I still do not know what exact function this serves, but it is quite a thing to watch and listen to. I found this quite unique and fun to use. You can put the wolf form to good use if you want to move quickly and cover more distance in a short time.

I have noticed that the Wolf Form helps you to move quite fast as compared to your vampire form. You can also press O to bring out the V Blood screen and check the abilities you gain from there.

That is all you need to know on how to become a Wolf or Take Wolf Form. I hope you can locate Alpha Wolf and get yourself this unique skill in V Rising. 

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Last Updated on May 24, 2022

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