Valheim Console Commands and How To Enable

Valheim is an exploration survival game, that can house up to 10 players at a time. The entire setup revolves around the Viking Culture and their civilization. Building your own place, battling for territory and conquering others is the name of the game here. A lot of these have to do with knowing a few console commands here and there. This will enable you to freely explore the game and do unique builds.

In this guide we will go over a few console commands, how you can access them, and enable them in the first place. If you wish to purchase the game, make sure to get it from steam. Without further delay, Let’s take a look…

Console Commands for Valheim

The Console for Valheim should be enabled by default. To open it, press F5 on your Keyboard to open the console. You can also type “-enable console cheats” in the options of the game if it is not enabled for you. You can then type “help” to view all the console commands available for the game. Here are a few examples:

  • resetskill [skill]
  • freefly – freefly photo mode
  • ffsmooth – freefly smoothness
  • tod -1 or [0-1]
  • env [env]
  • resetenv
  • wind [angle] [intensity]
  • resetwind
  • god
  • event [name] – start event
  • stopevent – stop current event
  • randomevent
  • save – force saving of world
  • resetcharacter – reset character data
  • removedrops – remove all item drops in the area
  • setkey [name]
  • resetkeys [name]
  • listkeys
  • player [nr] – force difficulty scale ( 0 = reset )
  • dpsdebug – toggle dps debug print
  • god
  • God mode:True
  • dpsdebug
  • DPS debug True
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Note that there are limited number commands you can use from this console. If you want to use additional commands or cheats, you need to use third party scripts and CE (Cheat Engine) in order to do that.

That is all we I am sharing for this short guide on how to enable and use console commands for Valheim. Leave your thoughts down in the comments below and I will see you soon!

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