Valheim | Get Fine Wood & Copper Ores Without Tools

There is a neat little trick to get Copper Ores & Fine Wood without using any harvesting or mining tools in Valheim. If you want to know how to do that, read this guide for full disclosure. I will also go over where to look for these in the first place if you are a beginner or can’t find the locations for these materials. Let’s dive in!

Getting Fine Wood & Copper Ore Without Tools

First of all, let me tell you why you would need Impure Copper Ore and Fine Wood in the first place. These two items are key to building Coal, House items and Blocks, Pure metals of Copper and Bronze. Bronze is very useful for a number of reasons which include upgraded armor, weapons, Boats, and more. You can always Harvest them in the traditional way of picking up the Antler Pickaxe for the Copper ore and Flint or Normal Axe for the trees. But this is a guide on how to get them without anything on you, so let’s check it out.

You would need to first go into the Black Forest. This is the only place where I have managed to Find Copper Ore Deposits in the first place. They should look something like this:

The fine Wood on the other hand should look like normal wood and can be found in both meadows and dark forests. You would also find Trolls roaming around the copper ore deposits. I found them almost every time I went there. You should draw the attention of one of these trolls to make this farming method work. I would highly recommend that you eat to the fullest to have the max stamina. You need to dodge and run quite a lot to avoid getting hit by them.

Simply make them swing towards these trees and the deposits. Upon impact, they should break. you can then collect these raw materials and get going from there. Since trolls destroy almost anything they hit, you can use them to farm quite a few materials in the Dark Forest. Make sure to not get hit. These trolls can hit really hard and One or two-shot you if you are not up to moderate health. For illustration, Here is how a Trolls Looks like:

You can also solo a Troll if you want. They make look intimidating but they have a fairly low HP pool. The Trolls you should be careful with are the Star-marked ones. You can leave them as they are since you would need them to chop down trees and dig up more ores in the future, or, you can slay them for gold, trophies, and Hides. Do what suits your needs.

If you want a simplified and detailed guide on what to do after you get these materials and how to use them, do let me know in the comments below. I will make sure to build a guide just for that. You can also request a video guide for the same if you are having trouble following the text instructions. There are quite a few comprehensive guides out there showing the same, so feel free to look it up.

That would be all from this guide. Thanks for reading and do leave your thoughts down in the comments below. Adios!

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