Valheim | How To Find and Kill Deer

This guide is for those players who are looking to kill deer in the game Valheim. Easy as it might sound, killing a deer is actually quite tricky because the moment they sense your presence they will bolt. Read this guide to know how to kill them efficiently so that you might collect the deer trophies.

How To Find and Kill Deer In Valheim Efficiently

First, you need to identify where you can find the deer. They make a unique sound and if you roam around the map you can easily find them. But killing them is the tricky part. Never make your presence known to them. Use the Left Control button to sneak upon them. Equip your bow and arrows. When you become a little expert in this you may also use your spear. But we recommend you use your bow and arrows. Aim with your bow from a distance. Remember to aim a little higher than where the deer is standing. The longer the distance from your target the higher should be your aim.

This should become easier with practice. Use your headphones to recognize their sound better. You can locate them easily anywhere on the map by the distinct sound they make. Then sneak up on them and shoot your arrows. And voila! You have your deer kill. When you kill a deer, its friends might be alerted of your presence and run away. But don’t worry they will come back to the same location after some time. Also definitely try to keep your stamina bar full before you shoot. Try to get the higher ground before aiming. After you get the kill do remember to collect the loot.

That’s it. That’s all you need to know about how to kill a deer in Valheim. Some players prefer the spear over the bow and arrow, but the success rate can be a bit low because the deer might be alerted if you get too close and escape. If this guide proves to be useful for you, do leave a comment to let us know. We would be delighted! Thank you.

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