Valorant Patch 5.01 Phoenix, Yoru & KAY/O Changes: What You Need to Know

Only a few days have passed since the Valorant community received the highly anticipated Episode 5 Act 1 update that introduced the new map Pearl to the competitive shooter.

While fans of the title are still busy exploring all the new changes that the 5.0 update has brought with it to the game, changes to the Valorant Public Beta Environment (PBE) have also drawn the attention of many fans out there.

On June 24th, Riot Games announced the patch notes of Valorant 5.01 PBE, and it has introduced a number of buffs to some of the Agents that have been rather underwhelming in the competitive scene.

valorant jett bug fix

[Jun 24, 2022] VALORANT 5.01 PBE Patch Notes + Bug Megathread from ValorantPBE

Phoenix has been completely ignored in the professional Valorant scene for quite a while now, and it seems like Riot Games is looking to change that. In the PBE patch, Phoenix has received some buffs that might just help him become a viable pick in the competitive scene.

For starters, the Flash Max duration has been increased from 1.1s to 1.5s whereas the Flash Windup has been decreased from .7s to .5s.

Phoenix will now also equip his weapon earlier if he stops bending his wall, and when using his ultimate, will now spawn with the number of shields he had when the ability was cast.

KAY/O has also received some changes to his kit in the PBE update. While the zone diameter of his FRAG/ment has been reduced from 10m to 8m, the damage now applies without needing a line of sight. Furthermore, only his allies will hear the full channel audio of reviving KAY/O, while downed.

Yoru fans are quite happy with the new PBE Valorant update, as it has buffed the Agent’s kit. The duration of Yoru’s ultimate has been increased from 10s to 12s, while its unequip time has been reduced from 1.2s to 0.8s.

That is all I had to share in this news post for Valorant Patch 5, its changes, and the new additions to the game. Hope you enjoyed reading it. Have fun and have a good one!

Last Updated on July 5, 2022

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