Vampyr All Endings Guide and How to Get Them

This guide shows how you can get all Endings (good and bad) in the Vampyr game. A decision-based historical fantasy, which, it ought to make you go through a lot of emotions. Consisting of good graphics, decent story build, and background music, quite fitting to set the eerie mood for the gameplay.

Vampyr game All endings guide (Good and Bad)

Ending 1 (Good)

Ending 2 (Good)

  • This ending is a variation to the first one.
  • You will get it if you kill a resident or turn someone.
  • Keep a track of the number you need to kill before going to the next ending.
  • If you choose to embrace Sean Hampton the whole district will die. This will prevent you from getting this ending.
  • He is the only person that can cause this. So if you want to get this ending, avoid embracing Sean Hampton.

Ending 1 (Bad)

  • To get this ending you can simply kill district residents
  • Make sure you don’t have all of them as hostile
  • Try not to kill every “main” character, spare or charm some of them to get this ending easily.
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How to get this ending:

  • Charmed Dorothy Crane;
  • Embraced Sean Hampton (that causes the death of everyone on his district);
  • Embraced the priest;
  • Charmed Aloysius Dawson;
  • Spared McCullum;
  • Embraced Edgar Swansea;
  • Embraced a district resident.

Ending 2 (Bad)

  • To get this ending you must make London go into complete chaos.
  • Complete preferred activities in-game.
  • But make sure you make the condition for London “Too Hostile”.
  • This will ensure a “Bad Ending” for the main story mode of the game.

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