Vibrant Venture | How To Beat Madeline The Unmoving

In this walkthrough, we shall take a look at how you can beat Madeline the unmoving, in Vibrant Venture. Madeline can be tough to beat in the game due to her multiple phases and a number of damaging attacks. This guide will make it easy for you to understand the mechanics and beat her in the process.

How to Beat Madeline The Unmoving in Vibrant Venture

The Basic Mechanics

  • Madeline has a total of 2 phases. One where she’s above ground and the other, where she’s below ground.
  • Each of these phases needs a minimum of 2 cycles to complete the level.
  • Every cycle consists of 2 attacks. Once those 2 attacks have been performed, hit her with either the Log or one of the boulders.
  • To hit Madeline in the first phase you’ll need to lure her onto one of the 2 rocks blocking the airstream. Once she jumps onto it and breaks it you’ll be able to fly up to the platforms above with Pistachio. Once you’re up there change into Banana and ground pound one of the 2 sides of the log, damaging her.
  • In her second phase you’ll have to hit her 3 times instead of 2, but don’t worry since she spawns in 2 per cycle.
  • The rest of the boss fight is pretty straightforward, just dodge her attacks and hit her with the boulders.
  • Here is a video that demonstrates the entire fight for if you’re still having issues with defeating her.

 Madeline’s attacks

  • Madeline has a total of 3 different attacks, 2 of which have variants in phase 2.
1. Spores
  • This is 1 of the 2 attacks that can be used during the first cycle.
  • To indicate that this attack is being charged Madeline’s front eye will start turning red. Once this happens you have about a second and a half to dodge it before it hits you. This attack is pretty slow and easy to dodge when you’re standing far away from Madeline. Do not stand in front of her since it can immediately hit you.
  • During the second phase, this attack will change. In her first cycle of the second phase, she fires 2 spores and in the second cycle, she fires three of them. these are pretty much the same as the first one. But the Shrooms can be a bit difficult to dodge.
2. Shrooms
  • This is the other attack that is used during the first cycle.
  • To indicate that this attack is being charged Madeline’s top eye will start turning red.
  • The attack itself probably won’t hit you, but when it hits the ground it’ll transform into a mushroom that spit’s projectiles in 3 different directions.
  • This can be difficult to tackle, so defeating her very soon is your best bet.
  • During phase 2 this attack will multiply just like the spores.
  • in the first cycle, there will be 2 and in the second there will Lasers.
3. Lasers
  • Madeline will start using this attack during the second cycle.
  • This is the fastest and most difficult to dodge the attack.
  • When this attack is being charged a laser will be pointed at you and after a second an enormous laser will be shot at you.
  • This attack is by far the hardest attack to dodge because it requires a fast reaction time.
  • Luckily it doesn’t vary during the 2 phases so once you get used to it you’ll be able to deal with it easily.

How to Speedrun it

We will explain the techniques in the same order that were used in the video.

1. Getting onto the platform early

Getting onto the platform early

  • This is probably the most important trick in the entire level
  • You may or may not have noticed, but gliding up to the platform with Pistachio’s umbrella isn’t that fast.
  • Because of this, we had to find a way to get up there as soon as possible.

Getting onto the platform early 2


  • The way you perform it is to get up on this little ledge and long jump off of it with Azura
  • Once you hit the highest point of the long-jump you need to use your dash,
  • Aim it upwards and when it starts to slow down switch to cardinal and use your double jump to land safely.

RNG for Vibrant Venture

  • RNG is one of the factors why doing this particular boss, or any other major boss is so difficult.
  • Here is a link to the document:  RNG scheme
  • The document goes into this more specifically, but it basically shows that perfect RNG and worst RNG.
  • It can result in a 7.6-second difference which can be awful for the full game runs specifically.
  • But this also means that you’re going to be resetting a lot to get a good BOSS run.

credits to: IhaveNolifeVV

And that will be all you need to know, to beat Madeline the unmoving in Vibrant Venture. Your general queries or suggestions are welcome in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

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