Visage | How To Find All 4 Pages of Comic Book in Chapter 2

This guide helps you find all 4 pages for the comic book in Visage chapter 2 (Dolores’s chapter) so you can receive the achievement. Check it out!

Visage: “Neighbors” (Comic Book) Master Achievement

Steps to Locating the Comic Book Pages

NOTE: You can do this after you complete the chapter (so you’re not at risk of dying).

You have to find the first two pages first.

1. One is in a drawer in the walkway / room between the basement and the garage (the one that has a chainsaw in it and shelves on the walls).

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2. Another one is by / under the front door of the house.

After that, you have to walk into the room that leads to the progress room; the phone will ring and you need to answer it. Once you listen to Rose’s new message, the other two comic pages will spawn.

3. The third comic can be found on the floor in the first floor (not basement) TV room, in front of the TV.

4. The last one is located in the connecting closet between the parents’ room and the girl’s room.

This should give you the achievement.

Once you get all four, you can go to the boy’s room, turn on the desk lamp and read the comic book.

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After reading the book, if you go back to the room leading to the progress room, you will get another new call from Rose. (Definitely worth listening to).

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