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What is the Best general utility build For all sentinels in warframe?


What are sentinels ?

In Warframe, These are your friends or companions which hover around you (see image above) , and help you to battle your enemies. Various sentinels have various perks and abilities. You can use a wide range of MODS with these sentinels to best suit your play style and make an impact in your missions.


What are MODS ?

Warframe MOD card picture

Well, Mods can be called the heart and soul of Warframe. These are the augments, so to speak, which makes your gears more powerful than ever before. Knowing to MOD correctly can make your time in Warframe that much easier.


How can we Combine These Two and get a general utility build for any sentinel ?

We will help you to figure out the answer to that question in this section so keep reading…

  • Here is an image of a typical sentinel you would want to MOD:


  • Now, lets take a look at what general mods to select, for any sentinel you would want to use:


  • We have highlighted Mods in red which you can switch as per the sentinel precepts you want to use. Just switch these mods with the precepts of your particular sentinel, the rest remains the same.
  • The mods which are Left-Most get the priority first. So pick the mods you would want most in place of the highlighted mods at the Left-most section on top to prioritize them.

Let us briefly go over the mods to know them better ( Rank up the mods to their max level for best results) :

  • Investigator – As the descriptions says it will scan any enemies within 50m of its range. You would want to give time for the scan to complete then move onto the next enemy. Note that you will need Codex Scanner charges for this to work smoothly.
  • Detect Vulnerability – This is the result of scanning your enemies before hand. This mod will make use of those already scanned enemies and display their weak spots. You can hit those spots to dish out the maximum damage possible to them.
  • Guardian – Ran out of shield quickly? Well this mod will get your shield back up and running within seconds.
  • Medi-Ray – A must have for healing utility. It will heal you occasionally, but do not get fooled by the 12% as this matters a lot in high stake situations.
  • Assault Mode – Building a utility based sentinel means that you need to have some form of aggression in it as well. This offensive mod will ensure that.
  • Enhanced Vitality – This will cover your “health related issues” quite well.
  • Calculated Redirection – The overall shield pool should be quite decent for your sentinel to survive the enemy onslaught. A Maxed shield mod like this will cover that area nicely.
  • Primed animal instinct – This will be the sonar for your loot and enemy locating. If you plan on farming something which is more likely to be found in crates and chambers, this will help you brilliantly. Also knowing where your enemies are, is a big help too!
  • Vacuum – This will suck up all the loot including mods automatically. A very handy mod to have.
  • Primed Regen – The invulnerability factor in this mod is very helpful, especially with a mod like Sanctuary to revive a downed team mate.
  • You can always play around with the mod precepts, but this will hopefully give you a basic outline of that.


And that will be curtains for this guide of sentinel utility build for Warframe in 2019. This is just a beginners basic guide for any sentinel the players want to use. We will come up with more specific, targeted sentinel guides in the future for the advanced players.


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that’s all friends!




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