Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate- Daemonhunters: The Full Achievements List

One of the most exciting games on the block currently is the Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate- Daemonhunters. It is filled with a multitude of bosses, quests, and achievements that can be unlocked.

Players will have a great time going through them all, including the final defeat of Mortarion. However, before we get to that point, there is a whole ton of Achievements that players can go for.


These Achievements are related to missions, storylines, campaigns, and more. Therefore, be sure to check them out in the game as and when you go along. The full list of Achievements that can be found and completed in Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate- Daemonhunters is given below: 

All Achievements List for WH 40K: CG Daemonhunters

Storyline Quests

  • A Foul Creche
  • Long Distance Call
  • Daemonkeeper
  • An Ill Omen

All these quests will be available to play naturally as players progress through the game. These are the must-play achievements that players should definitely attempt. 

Combat-related Achievements

  • Executioner: Execute an enemy

One of the earliest achievements, with the help of the tutorial. Moreover, even if you miss the tutorial, players can do it by using melee strike on an enemy before executing it when on the ground. 

  • Watch Where You Step: Killing an enemy by knocking it back

Players can knock an enemy into a hazard or off the map entirely in some areas. Melee weapons can be used too. 

  • Look Over There!: Break down an enemy’s Suppressive Fire or Overwatch

Frag grenades are the way to go about displacing an enemy from their position in order to break down. 

  • Exterminator: Execute 50 enemies

Like the first achievement in this section, repeat the same method. The Shriek ability of the Librarian class will come in handy. 

  • Surgical Excision: Players need to collect a seed while using Extractor Servo-Skull

After unlocking the Extractor Servo-Skull, make use of a seed bearer and the seed should come out. 

  • Corruption Cleanser: Killing 50 Bloomspawn

This can be found in Blooming missions. Every mission will have a couple of bloomspawns, and once you get to 50, the Achievement is unlocked. 

  • Friendly Fire: Killing an enemy using another enemy

Players can use one of two ways. Either by using the Dominate strategy or choosing an enemy who can be crazed into killing his fellow partner. 

  • Not So Fast: Defeat an enemy with an Auto

Weapons of the melee class have an auto called “attack of opportunity” which gets activated when enemies pass them. 

  • Purging Spree: Destroy five enemies with a single Knight in one turn

Mass executions, grenades, and incinerators all work wonderfully well. 

  • Opportunist: Use environmental objects to kill 20 enemies

Pillars of explosives are found in the environment for this one. 

  • Unstable Immaterium: Activate 10 Warp Surges in one mission

After warp, levels hit 100%, and Warp Surge occurs. So, you can end turns one by one and keep doing this. Just make sure that if its happening on low corruption planets, the wait time is longer. However, on the opposite, it will be a lot more challenging for players. 

  • Blood For The Blood God: Use Bleed Affliction to murder an enemy

There are a few choices for players, including a bleed-inducing weapon, a character of the Apothecary class having “bleed,” or critical hits. Players must ensure that enemies die due to the bleed, and since it happens towards the end of an enemy’s turn, keep a watch beforehand. 

Storyline-related Achievements (Optional)

  • Hands-On Research: Use Inquisitor Vakir to defeat 10 enemies

Vakir has two pistol attacks during her three missions with you. Given how her melee attacks are all but useless, players should use their knights to wear the enemies down first. Then Vakir can end the battle in the final stages. 

  • Hold Your Groud: Beat Kadex at Usa’rya

During the Craftworld mission, use your team to defeat Kadex when he arrives. Time is of the essence so make sure you select a very able team. 

  • Standard-Issue Killer: Emerge victorious in the final mission without using any Master Crafter gear
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Players can only make use of the stock gear for all their characters across all squads. Grenades do not count. However, weapons, armour, and melee should be stock.

  • Defeat the five reapers: 
  1. Junk Banishment- Morgellus the Corroded Prince
  2. A Gift Spurned- Aeger the Benevolent
  3. Engine Kill- Cruciatus the Generous
  4. Death Comes For All- Munificus the Undying
  5. Harvest No More- Malathian the Harvester

The main issue is during each time you play, only four appear. Three appear with the Codex before Kadex demolishes it. The fourth is present in the final warp event. To get the whole five, players must save their progress before attuning the Codex or using the backup. 

Campaign Achievements

  • Mind like a Fortress: Get 20 Grimoires

Find grims in many different ways, including armory awards. Players should focus on getting this as soon as possible because grims make research go faster. 

  • Honored Battle-Brother: When Knight gets to Rank 9

1700XP gets you to the max rank.

  • True Mastery: A Knight learns all class skills

Players should go after class skills more than upgrades.

  • Strike Force: A barrack is filled with 20 Knights

Players can get Knights directly at the barracks for two requisition points or in the post-mission awards. 

  • Mass Extinction: In a campaign, use Exterminatus five times

Players can use this to kill literally everything on a planet. After arming the cyclonic torpedoes at ship upgrades, players can make use of Exterminatus. 

  • The Flesh is Weak: A single Knight is equipped with five Augmetics 

Players can use Augmetics to help injured Knights. They can be found at ship upgrades. 

  • Patron of Demons: Finish all ship system upgrades

The augment chamber is very useful for free servitors and increasing the speed of ship upgrades. 

  • Tactical Flexibility: All Strategems are unlocked 

Increases research speed with the help of grimoires and library upgrades.

  • Access to Master Craft Level 3 stock: 
  1. Nemesis Master- Get a Master Craft Level 3 melee weapon
  2. The Emperor Protects- Get a Master Craft Level 3 armor suit
  3. Gunmaster- Get a Master Craft Level 3 ranged weapon

Players will get access levels till five during Grandmaster Reports and in post-match awards. Moreover, they can spend the needed amount to purchase them. 

Win Mission Achievements

  • Just a Scratch: Win a mission using only Knights suffering Light Wound or worse

Players can use Knights already wounded from previous missions. Easier to achieve on the easy difficulty. 

  • Brother in Arms: Using only two Knights, win a mission

Once again, easier to get it done with less difficulty. 

  • Bloodless: No taking damage in a mission

Obviously, players will need strong armor if you are not doing it on lesser difficulty. 

  • Efficient Killer: Winning without using ammunition

Players can only use melee characters.

  • Exercise in Restraint: Without using Willpower, win a Spreading or Flowering mission

When the planet is extremely taken over by plants, you will get these types of missions. Players cannot use active skills in completing this mission. 

  • Specific class missions: 
  1. Phalanx: Only using Justicars
  2. Firing Squad: Only using Purgators
  3. Warp Flickers: Only using Interceptors
  4. Field Apothecarion: Only using Apothecaries

Victory Achievements

  • Crisis Management: Be victorious by Day 500

Players should target grimoires as they unlock research speed quicker. There is also a 45-day limit for the finale. Moreover, get seeds whenever you can so you can use them in the storylines. 

  • Grandmaster: Win in grandmaster mode

Just about what it says.

  • Clean Slate: Achieve victory before the occurring of Blooming Flowers

Players need to head over to high corruption planets in order to achieve this. Otherwise, Exterminatus will help too. 

  • Legend of Titan: Win on difficulty level Legendary

Win and you win. 

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