Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate- Daemonhunters: Guide For Beginners

The release of Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate- Daemonhunters has been met with great fanfare. From the gameplay to the difficulty in killing Mortarion, it is an exciting ride. Moreover, the new nature of the game means players are discovering more and more things every day. 

There are a ton of achievements to get done so make sure you are updated with all of them. It is certainly one to set your hands on and make sure that you are playing as time goes by. Therefore, the following guide is meant to help players with some knowledge that can better the gaming experience.

Beginners Guide and Tips for WH 40K: Chaos Gate- Daemonhunters

The method of counting XP

XP is given only to the Knights hitting the Killing Blow. Therefore, there is no sharing of XP. Moreover, certain types of kills give no XP or some XP like:

  1. Exploding Barrels (no XP)
  2. Environmental objects (no XP)
  3. Form falling (gives XP)
  4. Greanades (gives XP)

Defeating enemies after a while rather than right, in the beginning, gives more XP. Therefore, players should look to prolong the battle in order to delay landing the final shot. This will help in earning XP quicker which will get better with tougher enemies in the future.

How to survive Legendary difficulty

Players should always rack up shields and Grey Knights long before they unlock Enemy Pods and Enemy Patrols. Aegis Shield will not work once you are discovered. Therefore, if you stack up on Shields, players can show up the enemy alongside the Shields and get points.

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However, some missions will test your skills robustly so you may want to try them out in easier modes first before going onto the Legendary difficulty. Needless to say, the game challenges you from a lot of sides and players have to use their wits to the fullest. 

Do not show enemies till you are ready

Players need to be wary of the radius of sight for enemies. They can see up to 15 squares from the center and the arrow indicates where they are going to move.

Therefore, do not go into any of the 15 squares, or the enemies will go into overwatch or demolish your cover.

However, in a few cases, enemies can spot you from beyond 15 squares so be careful of your Knights. Remaining hidden will only help to serve your purpose as you can attack from better vantage points.

Therefore, make sure that you are well-equipped before appearing in front of enemies. Warhammer is exciting in this regard. 

How to build Grey Knight classes

A guide to how to improve the Justicar Grey Knight’s abilities throughout the several levels. Moreover, there can be alternate ways to make up the guide.

Great places to build better Prognosticars

The map, in the beginning, will get bigger as the second Seed Tech gets researched in order to battle in the special missions. All 6 Pronosticars can cover up to 30+ planets from the 35. Most of the Planets can be covered with this.

Last Updated on May 15, 2022

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