Wild West and Wizards | All Locations Guide


A game which is all about exploration, and finding things, this guide contains spoilers so read at your own risk.

This is a guide to most of the locations in Wild West and Wizards – It consists of discoverable Points of Interests, providing they have a map marker. Note that some locations do not have a map marker and will not be included.

If a location has an asterisks (*) beside it, it means that location has a Teleport Rune.


Desert Locations

Desert Grid A1 to A4 :

Desert, Grid A1


Desert, Grid A2


Desert, Grid A3



Desert, Grid A4



Desert Grid B1 to B4

Desert, Grid B1


Desert, Grid B2



Desert, Grid B3


Desert, Grid B4


Desert Grid C1 to C4

Desert, Grid C1


Desert, Grid C3


Desert, Grid C4




Desert Grid D1 to D4

Desert, Grid D1


Desert, Grid D2


Desert, Grid D3


Desert, Grid D4





Forest Locations

Forest Grid A1 to A4:

Forest, Grid A1


Forest, Grid A2


Forest, Grid A3


Forest, Grid A4



Forest Grid B3 to B4

Forest, Grid B3


Forest, Grid B4



Forest Grid C2 to C4

Forest, Grid C2


Forest, Grid C3


Forest, Grid C4




Forest D2 to D3

Forest, Grid D2


Forest, Grid D3





Plains Locations

Plains Grid A1 to A4:

Plains, Grid A1


Plains, Grid A2


Plains, Grid A3



Plains Grid B2 to B3

Plains, Grid B2


Plains, Grid B3



Plains Grid C1 to C4

Plains, Grid C1


Plains, Grid C2


Plains, Grid C3


Plains, Grid C4



Plains Grid D2

Plains, Grid D2



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This post is a work in progress and we will update it as we find out more about the locations. Updation will also take place once new locations are added in the game.

And that will conclude this Locations guide for Wild West and Wizards. Thanks for reading!

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