WRC Generations – Best Controller Settings for PC and Console

WRC Generations is the most anticipated rally sim car game this year, and it promises to be as realistic as the real thing! We will have to wait and see how it all unfolds and how players respond to the game over the course of a week or so. For now, we can focus on what WRC Generations offers the players.

Speaking of offers, the controls for the game are one of the most important things to either win a race or go down trying. If you want to successfully complete and eventually win a race, knowing the best controller settings is a must. What I will do is share my two cents on the best controller settings for WRC Generations.

I have made the guide keeping in mind the usage of both Consoles as well as PC users. Hopefully, these settings and binds will help you out on both platforms. Since these are personal suggestions, take them with a grain of salt, and feel free to make the required changes so that it suits your playstyle the best.

Best Controller Settings for PC and Console in WRC Generations

WRC Generations _ BEST Controller Settings

You can always use a Keyboard to play the game if you are a PC user, but my personal suggestion would be to go for a controller. That is because a controller or a Wheel setup is the best way to experience this game in all of its glory. The intricate maneuvers and moves can be finely executed in a controller as compared to a keyboard. This is of course personal preference.

Moving on, to make the required tweaks, go to CONTROLS > Then go to Button Bindings. After accessing the menu, follow each topic as I have covered below.

The Controller Settings and Binds

I will go over each option provided in the game and why I am making the changes (If I am).


The bind for this is set to R2 which I think is the default value of the game. You can also invert this, but I would suggest keeping this as it is.

Sensitivity – I bring the value down to -1. The rest of the settings like Deadzone, Saturation, Rescale, and Invert are all set to their default value. I did not find a reason to change them in the first place, and they are working quite well for me so far the way they are.


The brakes for me are set to L2. I left all the options and values in the brakes as default as well. These work fine for me so I did not feel the need to make any changes here as well. Usually, the game fine-tunes this for you since this is a vital part of the car and the game.


Since I mostly play in Automatic Gear mode, I will not be touching this setting as well. I think if you do not use a clutch, this option should be left unbound. If you want to use a clutch with a controller (Which I do not recommend), you can bind this to any free keys.

Steer Left

This is Left Stick-Left for me. This is where you may want to change some values and options to get a good grip on the car you will be driving. These are the values I use:

  • Sensitivity – -0.5
  • Deadzone – Preference (0 for me)
  • Saturation – 100
  • Rescale – On
  • Invert – Off
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Steer Right

The steer right setting is also the same as the steer left. This is set to Left Stick-right for me. Same thing here also the values will be the same as well. Still, I will list them down below:

  • Sensitivity – -0.5
  • Deadzone – Preference (0 for me)
  • Saturation – 100
  • Rescale – On
  • Invert – Off


The handbrake is an essential part of rally car racing and games in general. It is no different in this game and you should really look into it to make the best settings possible. The keybind is set to “O” for Playstation users and the same bind for XBOX users as well. Here are the values and options:

  • Sensitivity – -0.5
  • Deadzone – 5
  • Saturation – 100
  • Rescale – Off
  • Invert – Off

Gearshift Binds and Controls

Shifting is the most satisfying thing about a car game. In WRC Generations, shifting will feel crisp if you do it right. Hence here are my shift keybinds for the controller:

  • Shift Up – X
  • Shift Down – Square

All the rest of the gears from 1st all the way to the last gear are left unbound since the Shifting is Automatic. If you are not using the clutch, these binds are, of course, of no use to you. The values for these two settings are left to their default values so there is nothing more to add here.

WRC generations controller settings

Interaction Binds and Controls

These are the interactive buttons we use for the peripheral controls and other small changes that we do on the fly while driving the car:

  • Respawn – Triangle on PS Controller
  • Headlight On/Off – R1
  • Wipers On/Off – L1
  • Show Wheel of Damage – Analog left
  • Next – Analog Right

The values for all of them are default. There is no requirement to change them anytime soon unless you want to experience around with them.

View Binds and Controls

This is the look or view button for you, or should I say, the driver role that you play in the game. Quite important and should not be looked past:

  • Next View – Analog Up
  • Previous View – Analog Down
  • Rear View – R3
  • Look Right – Unbound
  • Look Left – Unbound
  • Camera Horizontal Axis – Right Stick Left and Right
  • Camera Vertical Axis – Right Stick Up and Down

The values for them are also set to default and there is no need to change them as per my knowledge. If you are a veteran racing game player, and you use different values, then by all means go for it. For those of you who are new to the game and are just starting with it, leave the values to their default ones.

I hope with the above set of binds and values, you will be able to enjoy WRC Generations on a PC as well as a Console using a Controller. Do let me know how you are enjoying the game by leaving a comment below. For more such guides, keep an eye on gamertagzero.

Thanks for dropping by!

Last Updated on November 3, 2022

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  1. Ik heb generations gekocht voor op de pc en speel al jaren racegames.
    Het is nu wel de eerste keer dat ik de settings niet juist krijg.
    De sensitivity aanpassen lukt, maar de deadzone niet?

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