WWE2K20 – How to Perform Reversals Guide

How to perform reversals in the new WWE2K20 and what are the changes?

WWE2K20 is set to be a big release on October 22nd, 2019, and this time around there have been some changes made to the reversal controls. In this short guide, we will show you how to do reversals and also what are changes made in this 2K20.

WWE2K20 Control Changes:-

  • As compared to WWE2K19 which had its reversal set on Trigger, now has it set to the Y button set on the XBOX ONE Controller.
  • For Playstation Controller users, They need to press the Triangle button to time the Reversals.
  • Reversal also requires more timing and precision this time around, so you would require more practice to pull off those perfect reversals.

Types of reversals

  • Minor Reversal
    It needs only one bar of the gauge to perform. These are minor in the sense that they can be performed easily without much of an effort.
  • Major Reversal
    As compared to Minor reversals in the new WWE2K20, Major reversals require 2 bars of gauge to perform. Hard to perform but once you pull them off, they can take down your opponent easily with high damage outputs. These can also stop your opponent to do reversals and make your game more impactful.
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As reports suggest, this feature to the reversals was a last-minute change made to the game. Some players were disappointed with these changes. But on the other hand, many players welcomed it, and are excited to see how it changes and challenges their gameplay experience.

This will conclude this short informations guide on WWE2k20 Reversal changes and How to perform them.

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