Xuan-Yuan Sword VII | 100% Achievement Guide

In this guide to Xuan-Yuan Sword VII, I will list all (100%) of the achievements for the game.


100% Achievement Guide for Xuan-Yuan Sword VII

The achievement names and images can be similar due to their universal nature. I would highly advise reader discretion during the entire guide.

Story Achievements

These achievements are awarded after you complete the mentioned tasks (marked with a red arrow)

img 5f9d295cdea3aPeace Disturbed

Complete mission “Unwelcomed Guest”

img 5f9d29c026d8c The Desperado

Complete mission “Sudden Events”

img 5f9d2a0766ce7 Black Tidings

Complete mission “Returning Home”

img 5f9d2a4f558c5 Dangerous Deal

Complete mission “On the Line”

img 5f9d2ab97fa69 A Journey Begins

Complete mission “Retreive Sigil”

img 5f9d2dec50a98Breakout

Complete mission “Timely Rescue”

img 5f9d2e68027d4New Experience

Complete mission “Mystic Spirits”

img 5f9d2e89e1f13Reunion

Complete mission “Ruins of Shangmo”

img 5f9d2ea490e78Untimely Adversity

Complete mission “Rampant Plague”

img 5f9d2eb66e772Emerged Concern

Complete mission “One Step Away”

img 5f9d2f22accc0A Thousand Miles

Complete mission “Where the Fissures Guide”

img 5f9d2f34c846cBrave Exploration

Complete mission “Search the Crossing”

img 5f9d2f49593ecFirst Encounter

Complete mission “The Guigu Ruins”

img 5f9d2f5d9ad5cAdventure in the Arroyo

Complete mission “Breach Blockade”

img 5f9d2f6fce8ffMissed Opportunity

Complete mission “Sword Searching”

img 5f9d2f83e43aaTo End It All

Complete mission “Final Showdown”

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img 5f9d2f936262fDust Settled

Complete mission “Road Home”

Elysium and Record Achievements


img 5f9d30710b81ePower Up

Upgrade equipment for the first time
You get this after the first equipment upgrade.

img 5f9d30710b81e Ultimate Weapon

Completely upgrade a weapon
This achievement is given after completely upgrading a single weapon to its maximum level.

img 5f9d317ae352bAlchemist

Fuse successfully for the first time
Mix the recipes/ingredients required for a given item.

img 5f9d318e2cdedUnexpected Surprise

The fuse failed for the first time
This is given when you fail to make a fusion of ingredients in the game.

img 5f9d319d148a7Secret Base

Completely upgrade all Elysium buildings
Given after you have upgraded all buildings in the Elysium


Informations/Logs are obtained by killing, interacting, and researching enemies.

img 5f9d31abed9c9Seen It All

Complete Journal Log
All info (e.g. 3/3, 1/1, etc.) in the Journal section should be open.

img 5f9d31bd40502Good Company

Complete Character Log
We get this after unlocking everything in the Characters section.

img 5f9d31cb9d784Rare Findings

Complete Item Log
Granted for completing the entire section in the Items Log.

img 5f9d31db8da92Without Discrimination

Complete Monster Log
Logs for completion of information for Enemies/Monsters/opponents

img 5f9d31eb8b95aThousand Miles

Complete Location Log
You get this after unlocking everything in the Locations Section.

Combat and Other Achievements


img 5f9d3607ec112

Win the first fight

img 5f9d368c98977
Scroll to Win

Utilize the Elysium Rift

img 5f9d36b10add0

Imprison monster for the first time

img 5f9d373e7e3a5
Enemy Slain

Execute an enemy

img 5f9d374c8441e
Slayer of Monsters

Defeat 100 black-fire monsters

img 5f9d37575c633
Blood For Blood

Defeat 100 Li-jun enemies

img 5f9d3761181e3
The Enlightened

Learned all martial arts


img 5f9d37b12e8a2
A Rest Well Deserved

Use campfire for the first time

img 5f9d37bc51a03
Hit the Board Running

Win a game of Zhuolu chess for the first time

img 5f9d37c6576de
Buy Low Sell High

Trade item for the first time

img 5f9d37d1baf62
We Was Here

Use guard stone for the first time

img 5f9d37db80d96
Dropped Hard

Fall to your death

img 5f9d37e734ef3
Super Best Friends

Enter the DOMO studio

That is all we are sharing in this guide for Xuan-Yuan Sword VII | 100% Achievements. Leave your thoughts in the comments below and we will see you soon with a new guide!

Last Updated on January 4, 2024

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