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Yaga is an Indie Hacker Slasher Made by Versus Evil, and it features some amazing soundtracks. One must hear it to believe how awesome sounding these tracks are. Composer Argatu and Subcarpati have made a great job in making such fine pieces of art. In this short guide, we will list all the soundtracks you can find in the Game Yaga.

The Official Game Soundtrack List for Yaga

Credits to Versus Evil
  • 0:00​ “Trailer Theme” – “Dă cu arcu'” by Subcarpați
  • 3:16​ “The Tzar” – “Pe la noi prin Babilon” by Subcarpați
  • 4:32​ “Village Theme 1” – “Buna dimineata lume (cu Surorile Osoianu)” by Argatu’
  • 6:02​ “Village Theme 2” – “Sarabanul” by Aragtu’
  • 7:48​ “Village Theme 3” – “Haida” by Argatu’
  • 11:07​ “Sudice” – “Duru du duru” by Argatu’ (cu Surorile Osoianu)
  • 13:13​ “Farms Theme 1” – “Muntele Nu Plânge” by Subcarpați (cu Mara)
  • 16:43​ “Combat Theme 1” – “Vremea mea” by Subcarpați
  • 17:49​ “Farms Theme 2” – “Lunea tahina” by Subcarpați (cu Mara)
  • 22:40​ “Forest Theme 1” – “2000 km” by Subcarpați
  • 25:10​ “Combat Theme 2” – “Balada romanului” by Subcarpați
  • 27:23​ “Forest Theme 2” – “M-a facut muma frumoasa” by Subcarpați (cu Georgina Manaila)
  • 30:45​ “Boss Encounter 1” – “La jucat si la stringat” by Argatu’
  • 33:06​ “Yaga’s Hut” – “Intro vol. 2” by Argatu’
  • 34:16​ “Swamp Theme 1” – “Mattias Holmgren” by Exploration
  • 36:03​ “Camp Theme” – “Foaie verde murele” by Argatu’ (cu Maria Iliut)
  • 39:33​ “Combat Theme 3” – “Mare strigatura” by Argatu’
  • 42:24​ “Swamp Theme 2” – “Rau necesar” by Subcarpați
  • 45:08​ “Combat Theme 4” – “Hutulca” by Argatu’ (cu Domnica Trop)
  • 47:19​ “Winter Theme 1” – “Stransu-ne-am ceata (colind carpatin)” – Argatu’
  • 49:04​ “Winter Theme 2” – “Greieri si Sfinti” by Subcaparti (cu Via Daca, Calin Han, Fanerscu si Nerub)
  • 55:02​ “Combat Theme 5” – “Sculati de ne ascultati” by Argatu’
  • 57:49​ “Deadwoods Theme 2” – “Cerc Inchis” by Subcaparti (cu Power pe Vinil si Zicu)
  • 1:00:36​ “Combat Theme 6” – “Sfarsit de sezatoare” by Argatu’
  • 1:02:26​ “Deadwoods Theme 1” – “Coboara muntele” by Argatu’
  • 1:05:17​ “Boss Encounter 2” – “Sus ii luna jos ii noru” by Subcaparti
  • 1:08:25​ “Maria’s Camp” – “Ce bine ca stiu canta” by Subcaparti
  • 1:11:39​ “Wedding Theme” – “Cata-n spri soari rasara” by Subcaparti
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How to Get/Own The Yaga Game Tracklist?

If you want to own this tracklist for yourself, do show the makers some love by purchasing them from their respective places. For Epic Games users, this is the link for the official soundtrack addon. For Steam users, This is the link for the same. You need to own the Yaga Bad Luck Bundle, to get both the game and the awesome soundtrack!

Yaga is a game with a lot of potentials to do well in a long run. If you are the one who loves some hacker slasher actions in a classic 2D world, this is one of the games I would recommend you to try out. Players are already enjoying it and I would be hoping for more players to join in to make this a smash hit amongst all the other successful Indies. After all an Action Indie RPG like Yaga does deserve more!

Thanks for dropping by. I will see you soon with a brand new post. Till then, adios!

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