Yoshi’s Crafted World – Review and Before You Buy!


Yoshi’s Crafted World is a side-scrolled genre video game, developed by Good-Feel and published by Nintendo, making it the Eighth addition to the franchise.
The game dropped on March 29, 2019 whereas the demo version was available at the Nintendo eShop from around Feb 13, 2019. The ones who pre ordered the game were not disappointed at all with how it turned out.  Its design and gameplay are creating a buzz in the gaming world which is commendable for a NINTENDO SWITCH exclusive game.

Yoshi’s Woolly World!

Baby bowser, with his partner in crime, Kamek try to steal the Sundream stones from the guard of the Yoshi’s which ultimately results in the scattering of the 5 gems. So, on the quest to seek out all the 5 gems you will be in for great adventures and eye pleasing gaming experience, which the Developers promise.  As this is the next version to the 2015’s “Yoshi’s Woolly World” , this game was expected to retain and expand on the already established 2.5D gaming environment which we saw also saw a glimpse in the 2010 release “Kirby’s Epic Yarn”. The game is set to offer new things along with the ‘cuteness overload’,  predesignated to the Yoshi Franchise!


So, What is Special about The Crafted World ??

1. Venturing into the fields and interaction with them
Along with the newly added amiibo costumes this edition of Yoshi allows the player to go into the depths of the screen which gives a 3D like feel along with interacting to objects which are near and in the depths of the screen, far from the player. Combined with the delicate use of camera focus and blur effects it can be a very attractive gameplay experience for the players.


2. Improved Aiming Mechanics
The Developers have come up with new aiming/shooting mechanics and swapped it out with the old ones. Now you can toggle aim and hover the aim icon to a designated target to shoot at it, which also adds a depth effect to the game. Considering it as a signature game mechanics exclusive to Crafted world. We may also see it in the upcoming editions also.


3. Cardboard like Appearance and Aesthetics
The appearance of the game is more likely to bring joy and a smile on the players face as the overall look of the cardboard like environment is full of delights and surprises, waiting for the players to discover. As compared to “Yoshi’s Woolly World” which consisted of a less impressive and artificial woolen texture layout. This one is much more vibrant and eye pleasing.


4. Ability enhancing badges
The Devs have swapped out from the Woolly World, the ability enhancing badges, which can be purchased to help you in getting through different stages. Instead now you can use coins to purchase cardboard costumes .They grant you a personalized style statement to carry. They also help in boosting health. Scavenging, hunting and collecting is the core of Crafted world. The game makes will make you explore every nook and cranny of the environment.


5. Wide range of customization
The game options provided enables the player to access a wide range of customization. This consists of switching targets quickly and firing away freely as compared to a focus fire. Players can select from 4 different preset button layouts. As for the Controller configuration, players can select from the two Joycon grip attachments. You can also play via a PRO controller or a single Joycon. With the option of random 2nd player who can join your games, the multiplayer aspects can also be quite entertaining.
Having said  that, One may not Enjoy company, as the game gets way too easy with a friend by your side, and if you are seeking that much needed challenge then this can be a turn off. But its all on personal preference at the end of the day.


If you or a fellow player gets left behind or falls into a pit they will be resurrected via an egg which keeps floating until the player re-spawns where your teammate is. Two player game mode also has certain ways to exploit the game environment. One can clear a particular stage in less than an Honest way.  And not due to the lack of trying to prevent this by the game Developers!
But it cannot be denied that whether a player is alone or with his friend, the game keeps you engaged and moves at a steady pace so that you do not feel bored. The game keeps the interest always intact for most of the time. This has lot to do with all that goes on in the environment. The branches and vines to different and interesting stages and backgrounds and lots to explore.


This is a game which is targeted towards a younger generation of players. But the ones who are young by heart can also enjoy it thoroughly. If one has been following the Yoshi Franchise long enough it will be their delight to play this game. The ones who just want to try it, it will a pleasant experience for them as well. With the NINTENDO SWITCH Exclusive content the owners of the game will feel quite special!
Here is a Purchase link for those who wish to get it :  Amazon Link

I hope this edition of Review and Before purchase will help you sort out your mind. Whether you seek some information or thinking about buying it.


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