Destiny 2: How to Finish Riven’s Lair in Season of the Wish

Players starting with the new Season of the Wish in Destiny 2 will quickly realize that Mara Sov is owed another wish. However, the problem is that players have taken out Riven, who grants the wishes.

That is why players must atone for their mistake by collecting the missing eggs from Riven’s possession through The Coil or Riven’s Lair. In that regard, the following guide will help players head there to complete the tasks that can be a formidable challenge for all players.

Destiny 2: How to Finish Riven’s Lair in Season of the Wish

The first objective for players is to activate three portals as part of their mission. A spike trap is present just as you head inside the maiden room, so watch your step. You should keep your attention downward to get familiar with the layout and design of the floor.

This will make you aware of if there are any spikes, poison, and pillar traps located in different portal rooms. Players can get past them by using glide, launch, or triple jump without getting hurt.

Destiny 2 - getting portals

Every portal seems to be present in a clock-like position. The first portal can be accessed as you get inside the room, and it may be sitting atop or underneath you.

The remaining two are on two cliffs, each to the right and left-hand side of the first portal. We also recommend players search for secret paths in case a portal is situated on a ledge that seems to be some distance away. You should locate a ledge near that and then jump so as not to take damage.

Taking out enemies in Riven’s Lair

The major enemies you will face here are the Vex and Taken, so you can get ready to defeat them well. The intensity of these enemies will be much higher than normal since they are hellbent on defeating you, mostly through huge explosions.

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That is why it is advised to maintain your distance when you fight them, and the Vex tends to surround you in case you are not taking them out within a stipulated time.

Destiny 2 - fighting enemies

Taking out bosses in Riven’s Lair

All the bosses have a special mechanic where you must break down their shield to inflict damage. That is why players should pay close attention to the tasks that will damage the shields of the bosses in order to get them to lower them.

You may have to fire through several charged enemies and, sometimes, take down the mini-bosses before reaching the big boss present. Therefore, we can see that the requirement does change depending on the bosses, so keep your eyes peeled.

After players have finished the task four times, they will receive The Coil. Now you will be able to view the paths for the week with the current one having Divining Hall, First Steps, Sensorium, and First Steps (Cell of the Sycophant).

You will also know what your present tasks will be and how to go about them. Players will get them done faster if you are in a fireteam as the more the teammates, the better for you.

Thus, that is all the information players will need when it comes to acquiring The Coil from the Riven’s Lair. Given that this will be your first activity in the new season, you should be extra cautious when it comes to completing it and taking time to settle into the game.

Last Updated on November 30, 2023

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