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To know how trusted a website is, checking its facts is essential. The main objective of fact-checking is to ensure that the published data or information is correct. Regarding accurate data or information, Gamertagzero is one of the top sites in this niche.

Gamertagzero was founded in 2019, and since then, it has helped millions of gamers with valuable guides. Every writer at Gamertagzero is solely dedicated to gaming, which is why each one of them is an expert at what they do. They work hours to ensure that the guides they pump out are original and helpful.

Every single writer in Gamertagzero has years of experience in Gaming and fixing game errors. Before writing guides for a specific game, the writers at Gamertagzero spend hours playing the game first. Once they have accumulated enough knowledge, they move forward with the articles.

To know more about what the Gamertagzero team consists of, check our About Us page.

Fact-Checking Policy At Gamertagzero

In gamertagzero, we aim to check the data written and used and be as accurate as possible regarding articles published here. Here is the entire procedure:

  • The writers either read it publicly or play the game themselves.
  • Then they fact-check the article or game guide and construct a guide or post around it.
  • After that, they use original images and ensure they are high quality for the clarity of the viewers.
  • Then the articles get forwarded to the editor, who checks the grammar and article for errors and accuracy of the content.
  • Once the editor approves the article, it gets published by the admin.
  • A Final check is done even after printing to check how viewers respond, and we tend to respect and take the audience’s views very seriously.
  • In gamertagzero, we aspire to be as accurate and quality-proof as possible to deliver the best content possible.

Fact Checkers At Gamertagzero

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Dipayan – (Founder / Editor / Author )


Anay – ( Senior Writer / Editor )

Satisfied Users of Gamertagzero

These comments will show you just how useful our guides can become if they solve the problems of our readers worldwide:

Nice one for doing this buddy, very useful for a newcomer to the game.

– Ian

Thank you for the guide and break down – less overwhelming and i’m able to have specific set goals for each day!

– MrMane

please do thanks for all the info!! cant believe you took the time to do all this for us!

– Nightshot


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