Infection Free Zone Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks And Strategies

Welcome to the beginner’s guide for Infection Free Zone! This guide aims to provide essential tips and strategies to help you survive and thrive in the game, optimizing your gameplay during both day and night cycles while efficiently gathering resources.

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Beginner’s Tips, Tricks & Strategies For Infection Free Zone

Are you struggling to optimize your gameplay in “Infection Free Zone”? This guide compiles valuable insights and strategies shared by experienced players to help you navigate the game more efficiently.

Let’s get started right away!

Squads Management

Establish 3 squads early on, with 2 squads armed with pistols and 1 squad equipped with 2 pistols and 2 machetes. This setup enables faster looting and better resource acquisition. When exploring, consider deploying 3 squads equipped with pistols.

Keep them together and move from house to house for faster scavenging and clearing of zombies. Avoid fighting zombies on the streets; instead, seek refuge inside buildings. Monitor your squad’s ammo to ensure continued effectiveness.

Scavenging Strategies

Prioritize scavenging for wood over metal or brick, especially in the initial stages of the game. Focus on gathering wood until you have the means to produce metal or acquire tools.

Looting Priorities

Allocate one squad to loot nearby gun shops while deploying the other two squads to scavenge for food and explore nearby buildings. Utilize the squad with 2 pistols to loot gun shops efficiently.

Time Management

Be mindful of time and aim to have all squads back at headquarters and surrounding buildings at least an hour before sundown. Utilize vehicles to continue looting at night, leveraging their speed advantage over zombies.

Tower Defense

Ensure towers are equipped with weapons, preferably pistols or automatic weapons, to defend against incoming zombie attacks. Failure to arm towers adequately may leave your base vulnerable.

Vehicle Essentials

Cars are essential for survival. Prioritize acquiring pickup trucks for their fuel capacity and storage slots. Combi vans offer a good balance between storage and durability, while sedans provide quick transportation in emergencies.

Fuel Management

Use fuel from surplus or abandoned vehicles to sustain your own vehicles. Transfer fuel from vehicles you don’t need to those in active use to maintain mobility.

Squad Roles

Equip the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th members of squads with assault rifles to maximize damage output during encounters. Ensure the driver (1st member) does not use their weapon while driving.

Food Supply

Calculate food requirements, with 1 can of food or cooked meal supporting 4 people per day. Farms provide a reliable source of food, and food yield can be increased through upgrades.

Auto-Save Feature

The game auto-saves every 12 in-game hours, allowing you to reset the night if necessary by reloading the auto-save at 18:00.

Resource Management

Wood is a valuable but limited resource, as trees do not respawn in the current build. Deconstruct buildings for wood, brick, and metal, which respawn upon loading a saved game.

Resource Management Tips:

  1. Shelter Usage: There’s no significant penalty for shelters as people will stay at HQ, which typically has good HP. Allocate at least 1 squad to guard the HQ for protection.
  2. Limited Wood Supply: Trees do not respawn, making wood a finite resource. Consider dismantling buildings for wood, brick, and iron. Prioritize wood for essential items like tools, weapons, fuel, and ammo.
  3. Building Respawn: Buildings respawn after reloading a save, offering opportunities to exploit this mechanic for resource gathering or strategic positioning.
  4. Farm and Cookhouse Ratios: For 100 people, aim for approximately 7 farms and adjust the number of cookhouses based on population size and food requirements.
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Ammo Conservation

Utilize bows in towers to conserve ammunition, particularly during prolonged sieges. Bows consume fewer resources and help conserve ammunition, especially during extended sieges.

Defensive Structures

Gates serve as focal points for zombie attacks and can be reinforced with guards to function similarly to towers. However, be cautious, as AI pathfinding around gates may be inefficient, potentially leading to vulnerabilities in your defenses.

Research Mechanisms

Generate research points by assigning people to research centers. Looting buildings with knowledge yields immediate research book gains. This method eliminates the need to actively search for research books after initial discovery.

Moving Headquarters

To relocate your headquarters to a new building, click on the desired building. Look for the sledgehammer icon located on the right-hand side under the building information. Click on it to assign workers to complete the relocation task.

Deconstructing Buildings

If you need to deconstruct buildings, locate the sledgehammer icon similarly to relocating HQ. Click on it to initiate the deconstruction process. This action allows you to reclaim resources from unwanted or obsolete structures.

Manual First Aid Kit Usage

First aid kits work manually but require player intervention. Select the squad, click the exchange button, and choose the storage containing the med kits. Drag the med kit over the injured person to administer treatment.

Thank you for reading! This comprehensive guide is tailored to the current ALPHA version of the game. Feel free to share any additional tips or discoveries in the comments for further community support. By implementing these strategies and leveraging community insights, you can enhance your gameplay experience in “Infection Free Zone” and increase your chances of survival in the post-apocalyptic world. Good luck! Happy surviving!

FAQs for Infection Free Zone

How can I ensure my survival in the Infection Free Zone?

To survive in Infection Free Zone, you need to scavenge for essential resources such as food, water, and weapons. Building and fortifying a secure base is crucial, along with strategic planning to defend against zombies.

Are there various zombie types in Infection Free Zone?

Yes, Infection Free Zone features a variety of zombie types, including standard walkers, fast sprinters, tank-like brutes, and special infected with unique abilities. Each type presents different challenges and requires different tactics to defeat.

What strategies prove effective for fortifying my base in Infection Free Zone?

Effective base fortification in Infection Free Zone involves gathering materials to build sturdy walls, placing traps and defenses strategically, and regularly upgrading your structures to withstand zombie attacks.

Do safe zones exist within Infection Free Zone?

While there are no completely safe zones in Infection Free Zone, certain areas may offer temporary respite from constant danger. However, players should remain cautious as threats can emerge unexpectedly, even in supposedly safe areas.

Any tips for optimizing resource acquisition in Infection Free Zone?

Exploring various locations thoroughly, prioritizing essential resources, and utilizing tools such as scavenging equipment can improve resource acquisition efficiency in Infection Free Zone.

Last Updated on April 17, 2024

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