The Cycle: Frontier – How To Sell Items And Gear

The first-person shooter game The Cycle: Frontier takes place in an alternate universe with interstellar travel. Players have to go on missions and compete against enemies in order to earn rewards.

It is an intense “PvEvP” setting, with players having to battle a variety of conditions. Given you will be getting loot and prizes from each mission, the question of how to sell them and get coins arises. Selling looted gear and earning from them will help you buy solid equipment for yourself in the game.

Therefore, knowing how to sell the goods that you get from missions is very important. In that regard, the following guide will help players in figuring out to sell the items that they get in the game. Furthermore, there are also a few tips added on how to practice the best selling methods. 

The Cycle Frontier

The Cycle: Frontier – How to sell items

Players can use a number of ways in order to sell their loot. However, the method of going through them is almost similar in every situation.

Make your way to the main hub area, where there are several faction offices present. Go to any of these offices, and you will get to see a market option for buying any stuff you want.

Similarly, there is also the option of selling any item you wish to. Having selected the ‘Sell Items’ tab on the top of your screen, players will be able to see how the sell value of each item. They are indicated by the amount of K-Marks, the in-game currency, you will receive for each item. K-Marks is the major currency that is needed in the game to buy new gear and weapons.

Additionally, players will have to sell stuff so that the losses from their death are balanced. The major thing to keep watch for here is that every sale transaction is absolute. They cannot be reversed in the game, meaning you will not be able to get the item back once you sell it. The Cycle: Frontier also has the option of letting players earn Faction Points, in place of K-Marks.

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However, it is only applicable during sale of specific items. For example, selling a single Combat Stim will not get you any, but selling five of them will give you Faction Points in the game. 

The Cycle Frontier - How to sell

The Cycle: Frontier – Things to keep in mind while selling

Now that you know how to go about selling items, here are some tips to remember while going through the process: 

  • Do not be in a rush to sell everything. Of course, K-Marks is vital to play the game and upgrade yourself, but that is not all there is to it. You will definitely need some of the looted items for future missions in the game. Therefore, keeping them in the present will present a much wiser decision. 
  • Players will be able to use any item they get in upcoming missions and quests. Therefore, you will not need to spend any K-Marks on buying the same stuff. This is important because the cost of a new item will always be more than the amount you will receive from selling them. 

There you have it, everything you need to know about the process of selling in the game and how to best go about it. 

Last Updated on July 10, 2022

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