Assassin’s Creed (AC) Mirage – Best Controls and Keybinds for PC

Assassin’s Creed (AC) Mirage – Best Controls and Keybinds for PC – Welcome to Assassin’s Creed Mirage on PC! Navigating the intricate universe of this game requires mastery over keyboard controls and key bindings.

Understanding these controls is essential for a seamless gaming experience, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned player. This guide will walk you through all the essential keyboard controls and key binds in Assassin’s Creed Mirage.

AC Mirage Controls

Best Controls/Keybinds For PC In Assassin’s Creed Mirage

Navigating the enchanting realm of Assassin’s Creed Mirage on PC can be a thrilling adventure, made smoother by mastering its keyboard controls and key bindings.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through every essential control, from basic movements to intricate combat maneuvers. Remember, these controls are your gateway to a seamless gaming experience, allowing you to immerse yourself fully in the game’s universe.

Don’t forget these controls are customizable! Tailor them to match your unique play style, ensuring your gaming journey feels just right for you.

We genuinely hope this guide proves invaluable in enhancing your gaming experience. If you find it helpful, do let us know in the comments. Your feedback fuels our passion to bring you more insightful gaming guides.

Wishing you endless hours of excitement and success in Assassin’s Creed Mirage – may your adventures be epic and your victories plentiful!

Navigation Controls:


  • Move Forward: Press W
  • Move Backward: Press S
  • Move Left: Press A
  • Move Right: Press D
  • Freerun Up / Swim Up: Press Spacebar
  • Drop Down / Crouch / Dive: Press C
  • Sprint / Lunge / Gallop: Hold Left Shift
  • Walk: Press Ctrl
  • Follow Road: Hold Z
  • Auto Movement: Toggle with Z

Camera Controls:

  • Focus Camera: Click Mouse Scroll
  • Cinematic Camera: Press Enter
  • Camera Up: Press Arrow Key Up
  • Camera Down: Press Arrow Key Down
  • Camera Left: Press Arrow Key Left
  • on the Camera Right: Press Arrow Key Right
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Gameplay Actions:

General Actions:

  • Primary Interactions: Press E
  • Eagle Vision: Press V
  • Pickpocket: Press E
  • Whistle: Press X
  • Call Mount: Hold X
  • Dismount / Disembark: Press C
  • Pass Time: Press K

Assassin’s Focus:

  • Assassin’s Focus: Press R
  • Select Target: Click Left Mouse Button
  • Execute Assassination: Press Spacebar

Eagle Controls:

  • Call Enkidu: Press B
  • Place Marker: Click Left Mouse Button
  • Remove All Markers: Press C
  • Stationary Mode: Click Right Mouse Button
  • Boost: Press Space
  • Hide Icons: Press E
  • Region Panel: Press R

Boat Controls:

  • Reorient: Press X

Combat Controls:

General Combat:

  • Light Attack: Click Left Mouse Button
  • Heavy Attack: Hold Shift and Click Left Mouse Button
  • Assassinate: Press F
  • Parry: Press Q
  • Kick Back: Press E
  • Dodge / Roll: Press Alt
  • Heal: Press H
  • Lock Target: Press Mid-Mouse Button

Combat Tools:

  • Tools Wheel: Press G
  • Aim: Right-Click
  • Throw: Left-Click
  • Torch: Press T
  • Trap: Press 1
  • Smoke Bomb: Press 2
  • Noisemaker: Press 3
  • Blowdart: Press 4
  • Throwing Knife: Press 5


  • Tools: Press U
  • Skills: Press Y
  • Inventory: Press I
  • World Map: Press M
  • Contracts: Press Tab
  • Investigation: Press O
  • Codex: Press P
  • Performance Panel: Press F1
  • Photo Mode: Press F3
  • Quick Save: Press F5
  • Quick Load: Press F9

Modifying Controls:

Remembetrols mentioned above are set by default when you start the game. However, you can customize these controls according to your preference.

While playing, navigate to the game settings menu to modify keys for specific functionalities, allowing you to tailor the game controls to your liking.


And there you have it – a comprehensive guide to Assassin’s Creed Mirage PC keyboard controls, which is helpful in familiarizing you with the essential controls required to navigate the world of AC Mirage.

Please let us know if you found this guide helpful in the comments below. For more Assassin’s Creed Mirage guides and updates, stay tuned to Gamer Tag Zero. Good luck, and may your gaming adventures be filled with excitement and triumph!

Last Updated on October 9, 2023

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