Beginner’s Tips And Tricks Guide For Manor Lords

Welcome to Manor Lords, a medieval world of strategy and management. As you start playing this game, you’ll need to learn how to govern your land and fight battles wisely. Whether you’re new to these lands or looking to improve your skills, this guide has tips to help you succeed.

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Useful Tips & Tricks For Beginners In Manor Lords

Other guides might go into lots of detail about how Manor Lords works, but we’re keeping things simple. We’re focusing on the most important stuff that everyone should know, no matter how experienced they are with games. Get ready to strengthen your land, make friends, and explore new places as we share the main strategies for winning at Manor Lords.

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Initial Territory Management

As you start your journey in Manor Lords, your main goal is to bring peace to your land. To do this, it’s important to set up the game settings just right. At this stage, it’s best to set the AI behavior to Reactive and give yourself three years without any raider attacks.

Additionally, the layout of your starting area is crucial for your success. Having fertile land is key to thriving in Manor Lords. Without it, you’ll struggle to produce enough ale to grow your town to a medium size with ten level 3 houses. Plus, ensuring you have enough food becomes a big challenge when you’re working with infertile terrain.

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Expanding Your Territories

A fast expansion plan can really boost your progress in Manor Lords, giving you the edge over AI opponents by securing four territories early on. One key part of this plan is to build a manor as soon as possible. With your initial troops, you can clear out bandits without losing too much. It’s important to keep at it and improve your fighting skills, even in the game’s early stages.

Once your manor is up, mobilize your forces quickly and take out each bandit camp on foot. This proactive approach often lets you defeat the bandits before the AI gets involved, giving you the rewards and funds to upgrade your troops.

In my own games, I faced many challenges, but by sticking to this strategy, I managed to expand my territory successfully.

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Shop Management Advice

Keeping your shops at level 2 is the smartest move in Manor Lords. Upgrading to level 3 doesn’t give you much extra benefit because you still only have space for two crafters. While level 3 does boost your supply, it doesn’t increase how much you can make. This means two families end up not doing much since they’re tied to the shop.

Remember, breweries need water, so make sure you have a well nearby to keep production smooth. If workers have to travel far for water, it slows things down a lot. Watching your workers will show you just how much time they spend traveling, underlining the importance of where you place things.

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Instead of going for a single level 3 brewery, it’s better to have multiple level 2 ones. Two level 2 breweries can make twice as much ale as one level 3 brewery, giving you a bigger output.

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Optimizing Farming Practices for Abundant Food Production

To make sure your settlement has more than enough food, it’s important to use smart farming techniques in Manor Lords. Here’s how you can maximize your agricultural output:

  1. Farmhouse Setup: We have six farmhouses with Heavy Plow upgrades, each overseeing nine fields of size 1 Morgen. Make sure each farmhouse has dedicated oxen to help out. For even smoother operations, consider assigning two people with oxen to each farmhouse, totaling twelve, to keep things running well.
  2. Growing Different Crops: Build your main houses to be ten units long so you can grow a variety of vegetables. This diverse approach to growing crops improves the variety and resilience of your settlement’s food supply.
  3. Using Crop Rotation: Knowing how to rotate crops can really boost how much food you produce. Stick to a strict schedule: start crop rotation in October to reset all fields to fallow status and switch to the next crop in rotation. This keeps your fields ready for the upcoming months of October and November, ensuring you get the most out of your crops.

By following these farming tips, you’ll have plenty of food to keep your settlement thriving and prosperous in Manor Lords.


Development Points: Strategic Options

  1. Heavy Plow: Boost agricultural productivity for larger harvests and food security.
  2. Trade Logistics: Expand economic reach through efficient trade routes and resource exchange.
  3. Better Deals: Strengthen diplomatic ties for favorable trade agreements and alliances.

When you’re upgrading houses in your town, focus on building standard level 3 houses for regular working families first. These houses are important for the overall growth of your town. Make sure to match the development points with the town’s level, as they’re key to moving your town forward.


Concentrate on upgrading Artisans’ houses to level 2 and adjust other house types accordingly to keep things running smoothly and efficiently. This approach helps in using resources effectively and ensures that your town grows in a balanced way.

Remember that getting the fourth development point usually means upgrading Artisans’ houses to level 3. However, it’s better to hold off on this upgrade, as it might not be the best move for your progress, depending on your strategy. This choice encourages you to think carefully about other ways to handle development points as your town grows and changes.


As you conclude this beginner’s guide to Manor Lords, you’ve gained crucial insights for establishing and expanding your medieval domain. Armed with foundational knowledge, venture forth with confidence, shaping your settlement’s destiny through strategic decisions and bold actions. Embrace the challenges ahead, knowing that each triumph and setback adds to your legacy in the dynamic world of Manor Lords.

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