AC Valhalla – DirectX 12 Error Fixes and Troubleshooting

Many of the players of AC Valhalla are encountering a DirectX 12 Error. We have some potential fixes and troubleshooting tips for it.

 DirectX 12 Error Fixes for AC Valhalla

For some reason, the GPU does not support DirectX 12 feature.

This issue happens mainly because of a particular feature in their GPU which is missing. Check the full guide to know exactly what to look for and how to make the game work again.

Hello everyone! This post answers questions that have been posted repeatedly on different forums by players. These are mainly regarding the DirectX 12 Error.

Hopefully, we will be able to clear up any misunderstandings regarding the system requirements.

The Issue

Firstly, we’d like to reiterate that DirectX 12 is a minimum requirement for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. No support is provided for DirectX 11 and any previous DirectX versions.

In addition to this, feature Level 12_0 support is required for compatible GPUs, and you can find this here.

If your GPU supports DirectX 12 but does not have Feature Level 12_0 support, you will be unable to play Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. That is because your GPU does not meet the minimum requirements for the game.

How to Check GPU Feature Level

If you are unsure how to determine whether your GPU supports Feature Level 12_0, you can find this out by running a DXDIAG report. Go to the “Display 1” tab in the pop-up window and under “drivers,” find the line “Feature Levels.”

Which should list all supported Feature Levels. Please make sure that, if you’re a laptop user, you’re utilizing your dedicated GPU and not your integrated one!

System Requirements & Troubleshooting

If your GPU supports DirectX 12, has Feature Level 12_0 support, and meets the system requirements / high-end system requirements (as appropriate for the performance you want to achieve) – and you still receive the “Non-DX12 Video Card” error – please make sure to run through our basic PC troubleshooting.

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Make sure that you have the latest drivers for your GPU installed and the latest OS for your PC in particular.

If issues still persist after that, we would encourage you to contact support case or Live Chat for the developers to investigate further with you and fully analyze the DXDIAG report you already ran along with your MS INFO report.

Please attach these documents to your case using these instructions. Ubisoft will consider any refund requests submitted on the basis of not meeting the requirements on a case-by-case basis.

We do not know of any plans made by Ubisoft to add support for the game on Feature Level 11_1 as the requirement for 12_0 support was stated prior to the game’s release.

However, we think you should communicate all of the feedback with the developers for them to consider it. Please do not rely on this support being implemented, however, as we cannot promise that it will be.


DirectX 12 is a minimum requirement; Feature Level 12_0 support is a minimum requirement.

If you’re still receiving the “Non-DX12 Video Card” error despite your GPU fully meeting the minimum system requirements and have completed the PC troubleshooting, please reach out to the support case or Live Chat for further assistance with your MSINFO and DXDIAG files attached!

There are no plans to add Feature Level 11_1 or below support that we know of so far. But you can forward all feedback to the devs for their consideration.

Refund requests submitted for not meeting the minimum requirements will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Thank you for reading. Leave your thoughts in the comments below, and have a good one!

Last Updated on July 5, 2024

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