Age of Wonders 4: Beginners Tips and Tricks

The new Age of Wonders 4 game has been building on its predecessors and offers a beautiful, adventurous experience. The game has a lot of information and activities for players, which may not be easy for everyone to digest initially.

That is why knowing how to play the game in the initial phases is crucial as you familiarize yourself with the settings. The following guide will help players with tips and tricks for beginners to Age of Wonders 4. 

Age of Wonders 4: What are the tips and information for beginners

Firstly, players should go through the different realms in the order they come up since it is based on difficulty levels. That is why it is also recommended to start on accessible mode and then ramp up the difficulty levels as you progress.

Do not build orders in the queue since the gold will not be reserved, and you can get an improved outlook. You should target the lower levels NPC for prey in the initial stages and for loot.

AOW4 - Beginning levels

After fighting ends, ensure you give adequate time for your hero and the team to heal in your domain. In terms of fighting, you must stick to a style of playing in the early phases, whether to be a spellcaster, summoning, undead, or anything else.

This way, you can lord over your enemies with superior numbers through many forces. If you are stuck in troublesome terrain, switch to manual combat, which will give you enhanced control. Players with more “good” can take help from NPCs in future scenarios.

How to build a race in the beginning 

Your race doesn’t matter because it’s just for looks, and you can change the traits necessary to the game. Are the noble High Orcs made of peaceful diplomats and possess magic? You have it. Chaos Dwarfs with super-buff astral bodies that cannibalize? Possible. Pay attention to these gameplay characteristics when selecting any preferred “race skin.”

  • Body: With a keen eye (plus 20% accuracy for physical attacks at a distance)
  • Mind: Overpowering Techniques (+20 percent Critical Hit when units are next to each other)
  • Feudal Origin: Overwhelm Tactics and Standing Together work well together. This is easiest because you can pair archers, rangers, and shield bearers for easy combat.
  • Ritual Cannibals provide free healing by eating corpses.
  • Gifted Casters are an excellent choice for beginners because their spells are strong during battle and can change the tide. If you don’t like the evil alignment, you can use Gifted Casters instead. Adjust Pilgrims

AOW4 - Beginner tip

Great beginning tomes include Tome of Roots (allrounder), Tome of Charm (great unit center), and Cryomancy and Pyromance – solid yet contingent upon foes. I have seen some proposes for the Tome of Horde, which I don’t suggest for fledglings.

It tends to be great. However, it requests a specific explicit playstyle. Consequently, my recommendations for novices are more inclusive and general.

Enchantment, Tome of Roots, and the elemental ones are excellent for unit enhancement and provide potent offensive magic. You may be shocked by areas of strength for how weapons with poison, discharge, and hold-up harm can be! At first, choosing Wizard King or Champion is of little consequence.

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Champion is more accessible to novices, but both are pretty powerful, with Wizard King significantly more effective in the offense.

Weapon for your legend

Sword, Shield, Spirit Orb, Bow – stay away from a crossbow and the rest as a novice. You can still have fun by changing your weapon or recruiting more heroes.

The reason behind selecting these weapons is that they have multi-hits, which makes them more accurate overall. As a beginner, you need to get used to which weapon type does what and how it works because they have multi-hits.

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Finally, always make sure to keep on reading. Take as much time as is needed to peruse. As long as you follow the “progression path” and take your time reading what does what, the game will explain everything to you at a very comfortable pace.

The majority of the tutorial mission is so straightforward that you might even recognize hints from other games like Civilization.

How to increase city cap

Players will get an Imperium Perk named Expanded Governance. While some players may stop using it after once, you can keep using it more times which comes at an enhanced cost to the overall empire. 

AOW4 - City Cap increase

Extra using Whispering Stone

If you have no Free City to convert, you can use the Whispering Stone to get happiness in your different cities. 

AOW4 - Whispering Stone use

Naval Units Harbor

The initial coastal area with land bordering the sea you will annex has a Harbor. The remaining have Fisheries. The Harbor will allow you to have special naval units.

AOW4 - Naval harbor

Make use of Auto-explore.

Having two scouts will allow you to get intelligence and gather resources present around the map. They can do it all with auto-explore on. You can see more scouts on bigger maps, proportional to the ruler. 

AOW4 - auto explore

Important Skills of Empire

The lure of the Horde will benefit your armies by bringing them back during campaigns.

AOW4 - Lure of the horde

Players can also take down a roaming single enemy scout to receive a tier II unit with a 50% chance. Wild Expansion will give you accessible units alongside each province. 

AOW4 - Wild Expansion

Thus, that is all the information players need when playing at a beginner level in Age of Wonders 4. You should be able to customize your campaigns and cities more you go deeper into the game.

Last Updated on May 7, 2023

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