Dragon’s Dogma 2 – How To Avoid “Load From Last Inn Rest” Progress Loss

If you’re interested in learning how to avoid losing progress due to accidentally selecting “Load from Last Inn Rest,” read on. It’s recommended to familiarize yourself with these steps before finding yourself in this unfortunate situation, as closing the game essentially locks you into this fate.

Avoiding “Load From Last Inn Rest” Progress Loss In Dragon’s Dogma 2

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In the event that you mistakenly choose “Load From Last Inn Rest” and find yourself still in the game, HALT!

The following instructions will outline the steps you need to take if you’ve unintentionally loaded an old save from your last inn visit and have not yet closed the game in order to preserve your most recent saves from being replaced.


This method is only effective if your Steam Cloud Save data is newer than your Last Inn Rest save. There’s a possibility that your Cloud Saves might be older than your most recent inn save, which could result in further progress loss if you follow these steps.

I am not liable for any progress loss or potential soft-bans resulting from mishandling save game data or actions deemed suspicious by the game’s online service. This guide serves as an emergency workaround for individuals facing distressing situations and unsure of what to do. While deleting your saves theoretically shouldn’t lead to a soft-ban, I cannot guarantee this outcome.


For this solution to be effective, your game and Steam settings must meet specific criteria:

  1. Cloud Saves Enabled: Ensure that you have enabled Steam Cloud Saves. These are the saves we aim to recover. Without them, there won’t be any previous saves to replace the newly overwritten one with.
  2. Still In-Game: It’s crucial that you remain in the game. When you close a game launched through Steam, the most recent versions of save game data are uploaded to the Cloud. Resisting the urge to Alt-F4 may require some restraint, but it’s essential. This is admittedly a frustrating aspect of the system, but discovering this workaround involved learning this the hard way.

Follow These Instructions to Retrieve Your Last “Regular” Save:

Step 1: Disable Steam Cloud for Dragon’s Dogma 2

  • Go to your Steam Library and right-click on Dragon’s Dogma 2.
  • Select “Properties” and navigate to the “General” tab.
  • Uncheck the option for Steam Cloud to disable it temporarily.
    This step is crucial to safeguard your existing Cloud Saves from being overwritten when you close the game.
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Step 2: Close Your Game

  • You can now safely close Dragon’s Dogma 2 without concern for local saves being uploaded to the Cloud.

Step 3: Move/Delete Local Saves

  • Locate your Dragon’s Dogma 2 save files on your computer. On Windows, they are typically stored in:
    “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata{your_user_id}\2054970\remote\win64_save\”
  • Move these files to a different location on your computer (you can delete them later if needed).

Step 4: Enable Steam Cloud for Dragon’s Dogma 2

  • Once your local saves have been moved, go back to the Steam settings for Dragon’s Dogma 2 and re-enable Steam Cloud saves.

Step 5: Start Dragon’s Dogma 2

  • Launch Dragon’s Dogma 2 again. You may encounter a “Cloud Save Error” message indicating that Steam expected to find save data locally but did not.
  • Click “Play” again or wait for Steam to download your Cloud Saves onto your local machine.

Step 6: Load From Last Save

  • Load your most recent “regular” save within the game to ensure you don’t need to repeat this process.
  • Hopefully, upon loading, you will find yourself back at the point in your adventure where you left off, with all progress restored.


  • As a precaution, consider resting at an inn within the game to ensure your progress is properly saved and backed up.

Parting Words

Thank you for taking the time to read 🙂

On my initial day playing DD2, I fell into the common trap discussed in the forums: assuming my latest Inn Save was recent enough and loading it without double-checking. To my dismay, I found myself back at the first outpost instead of the main city, with around three hours of progress lost due to the ominous swirling orange circle in the top right corner signaling the deletion of my other save.

Fortunately, I managed to keep a level head that day, refraining from hitting the Alt and F4 keys in frustration and instead brainstorming a solution. This guide outlines the specific steps I took to retrieve my most recent saves from my Cloud Save storage, allowing me to get back on track.

I understand that the prerequisites for this workaround to be effective are quite demanding, but if this guide can prevent just one person from losing hours of hard work in DD2, I’ll consider it a success. The more people are aware of how to avoid this mistake, the better. So, please feel free to share the insights you’ve gained here.

Thank you.

Last Updated on April 5, 2024

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