Generation Zero – Weapon Locations Guide

Generation Zero is game with a big Exploration Map and realistic gameplay, hence since the release date, Players keep losing their way in the map. And in order to find all the possible Weapons that the game wants the player to discover, One must have some location knowledge as well.

So, let us take a look at how to find all the Weapons Locations which are discoverable in-game. Some of which can help you, in your war against the invading Machines!

All Weapon Locations in Generation Zero

1. .44 Magnus

  • COORDINATES : -3202.729, -1097.836
  • Navigate Your way towards a shooting range westwards, in the middle of the forest. In the middle of the shooting range a corpse lies and in his hand will be the .44 Magnus.
.44 Magnus Location!

2. HP5 SMG

  • COORDINATES : -4333.630, -72.425
  • Head Eastwards towards a Rail Bridge and in the middle of the bridge, a Red container will be blocking the path. Stick to the left of the bridge and be careful not to fall off. Make your way inside the container, and in front of a sitting corpse will be the HP5 SMG.

HP5 SMG location

3. 12G Pump Action Shotgun

  • COORDINATES : -2924.472, -3252.680
  • Make your way South-Westwards towards a wooden house beside the shores. Right underneath the watch deck of the house facing towards the sea, you will find a corpse sitting against the board. To the left of him lies the 12G Pump Action.
12G pump action location

4. Sjoqvist Semi-Auto and M/46 SMG

  • COORDINATES : -606.341, -4334.952
  • Head eastwards and find a Storage area with two doors. Enter the room and look on the racks to the left. You will find the Sjoqvist Semi-Auto on the second or third rack. And just to its left inside a vault lies the M/46 SMG.
Sjoqvist Semi-Auto and M/46 SMG Location

5. Algstudsare Hunting Rifle

  • COORDINATES : -1701.000, -3360.152
  • Head Westward outside the St. Ana Church and As soon as you cross the church, Towards the North-West direction there should be a small barrack with a corpse sitting against the sand sacks and to the left of him lies the Algstudsare Hunting Rifle.
Algstudsare Hunting rifle Location

6. Automatgevar 5

  • COORDINATES : -1836.471, -3966.433
  • Head Southward towards a Vacant Camp. Look for crate sitting on a table and inside the crate you will find the Automatgevar 5.
Automatgevar 5 location

7. Exceptional attachments of .50 Cal

COORDINATES : -2541.181, -3804.510

  • Head Northwards inside a Lighthouse. Head to the top of the lighthouse via the spiraling stairs. Upon reaching the top and besides a sitting corpse, you will find the .50cal.
.50 cal location

8.  AI-76 Assault Rifle

  • COORDINATES : -1901.121, -4295.308
  • Head North-Westwards and make your way towards a boat at the edge of a wooden platform on the Lake. Look inside the Bloodied boat to find the Special class AI-76 Assault Rifle.
AI-76 AR location

9. Klaucke 17 Pistol

  • COORDINATES: 1086.829, -3856.442
  • Make your way North-Westwards towards a couple of damaged police vehicles. Open the rear side of one of the vehicles to find the special class Klaucke 17 Pistol.
Klaucke 17 pistol location

10. Granatgevar m/49 Rocket Launcher

  • COORDINATES : -1283.572, -5025.169
  • After you kill the Robots in the mission “The Bridge” (location of robots show in map below) you would want to head back to find the killed squad members. As you are running back, right where the bridge ends, head downwards in a South-Westwards and locate a heap of burning debris and a few squad members laying dead. Right beside the middle squad member, you will find the Rocket Launcher.
Rocket Launcher Location

This Concludes our Generation Zero: Finding Weapons/Location Guide and we hope this has helped you in some manner to get those much-needed arms to combat the menacing war machines in the game! That is all we had. Thanks for reading.

2 thoughts on “Generation Zero – Weapon Locations Guide”

  1. This guide is crap. Many of your coordinates are wrong. You’ve got several that are negative numbers when they’re actually positive numbers. The sections are poorly written and researched. And at NO point do you mention that the exceptional weapons are MISSION LOCKED!

    1. This guide was made during the initial launch for Generation Zero. At that time we personally went to these places to check coordinates. A lot has changed since then. Due to how less popular the game was back then, we did not bother to update this post. Now that we know people are still looking for it, we will be making changes soon. Thanks for your feedback!

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