Helldivers 2 – Automaton Weakness (How To Beat)

Super Earth’s champions face a metal menace in Helldivers 2: the freedom-foiling Automatons! But fear not, fellow Helldivers! Here are 5 key strategies to crush these rusty rebels and spread democracy (with a healthy dose of firepower).

Automaton Weakness and How To Beat Them in Helldivers 2

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Mobility Matters Against Automatons!

Unlike those swarming Terminids, Automatons rain down from dropships, and their numbers are relentless. Don’t get caught flat-footed! Speed and movement are your best friends.

Hit objectives hard and fast, then strategically retreat to your next target. Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t be afraid to strategically withdraw and regroup.

Luring the bots away while you flank or progress elsewhere can buy you valuable time to finish the job later. Remember, Helldivers don’t stand still, they outmaneuver!

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Choosing the Right Tools to Crack Automaton Armor

Forget wimpy weapons against these metal menaces! Automatons are few but heavily armored, so focus on firearms that pack a punch and pierce defenses. The SG-225 Breaker shotgun is an early-game favorite for its armor-piercing bite.

For Support Weapons, consider the Autocannon and Railgun – their rate of fire and armor penetration melt Scout Striders and Devastators.

Facing hulking enemies like Tanks and Hulks? The Recoilless Rifle is your answer. With careful aim, you can even take out entire dropships (and their cargo!) by hitting the engines.

Remember, Helldivers choose the right tools for the job, and these automatons demand firepower!

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Outsmart Automatons with Smart Positioning

Forget the shoulder-to-shoulder heroics! While small fry like Troopers and Marauders fall to bullets, tougher Automatons require a smarter approach. Their secret? Glaring weak points in the back.

Scout Striders’ exposed pilots and Hulks’ glowing vents scream for a flanking attack. Spread your squad, force the enemy to choose a target, and exploit their exposed backsides.

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Remember, distraction is key. The player drawing fire should utilize cover and dodge tactics. Once the main threat is neutralized, mop up the remaining bots with ease. Teamwork and positioning are your weapons against these metallic foes!

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Stratagems for Mobile Warfare

Forget defensive fortresses! Against Automatons, mobility and quick-deploy Stratagems are key. Eagle Strikes are your best bet, especially Airstrikes. They’re versatile, taking out groups, shutting down Fabricators, and dealing heavy damage to tough enemies.

For bigger targets on the run, Rocket Pods automatically target the biggest enemy, allowing you to hit hard while seeking cover.

And when things get messy, the 500-kilogram bomb clears large areas fast and rearms quickly for multiple uses per mission – perfect for wiping out Fabricators without getting bogged down in a firefight.

Need to erase a single strong enemy instantly? The Orbital Railcannon does the job. And for desperate situations, consider the Orbital Laser.

This powerful beam sweeps across the battlefield, offering cover and escape as you wait for extraction. Remember, Helldivers don’t get pinned down, they outmaneuver and strike strategically!


Think Twice Before Deploying Turrets

Turret use against Automatons sounds tempting, but choose wisely! Machine Gun and Gatling Gun sentries aim blindly, potentially endangering you if dropships attack from behind.

However, sentries still have their place:

Mortar Sentries: Their vertical blast keeps friendly fire risks low unless you’re surrounded.

Slower-Firing Options: Rocket and Autocannon Sentries pose a less friendly fire risk, especially when placed on the front lines.


Remember, Helldivers strategize, not rely solely on firepower. Consider the risks and benefits before deploying your metallic allies! Mobility, firepower, and strategy are your weapons against the metallic menace.

Flank, utilize weak points and deploy quick-deploy Stratagems for maximum impact. Think before using turrets, and remember, retreat, and regroup when necessary. With these tips, you’ll be crushing Automatons and spreading democracy in no time!

Last Updated on March 6, 2024

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