High On Life: How To Fix Bugs And Performance Issues

There has been a flurry of new games in the final weeks of 2022, with High on Life being one of the latest ones. The first-person shooter is a gamer’s take on bounty hunting across the galaxy to save humanity from an alien gang called the G3 Cartel. You will be assisted in your quest by several kinds of weapons with whom you can interact. The graphics are reminiscent of the online hit show Rick & Morty, which can see its popularity grow.

You will also have the chance to gather more abilities along the way, which will benefit your overall gameplay in the long run. Nevertheless, there have been significant challenges in the opening couple of days, with several players complaining of bugs and performance issues.

That is why it has scared off some potential players, and given that there have been no official fixes yet, it is down to the existing players to figure things out. In that regard, the following guide will help players understand the persistent problems and how to solve them when they happen.

High on Life

High on Life: What are bugs and how to solve them

There have been quite a few problems that players have been reporting, which touch upon several issues as given below, along with their solutions:

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Cannot progress after conversing with Old Wet Grundy near Old Town

The only possible solution to this one is to start the mission all over again. 

As you defeat Douglas, you cannot leave the fan room

Players will have to install the game once again before using the latest patch fix to get the game updated as well.

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Even after finishing off enemies in the Fight to Survive, it does not end

This happens during the Douglas bounty bug, and players will have to start the mission again alongside making the Gamepass update via the newest patch fix.

High on Life - fixing bugs and performance issues

Unable to start the Warp base as you are stuck on Zephyr Jungle

You must move to the corner indicated by the blue cone before circling back to the original spot.

A weapon as creature bug or Skrendel Bros bounty bug

You will have to reload the last checkpoint along with using Creature when you are going towards the door present, which will allow you to receive instructions for what to do next.

After leaving Torg-9 HQ, the respawn feature not working after dying

Players facing the save issue will have to look for alternate ways to escape the area, so you will have to search for secret platforms or other grappling points. This should enable you to open the stuck portion of the game.

Thus, that is all the information players will need to solve the troublesome issues so far. More problems can crop up as the days go by, so we expect the developers to come up with some official announcements soon regarding the fixes. In the meantime, players can continue journeying across the game to defeat the forces of evil to save the human race.

Last Updated on December 14, 2022

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  1. Skrendel Bros Creature big:
    My boyfriend has been playing high on life lately, and we’ve noticed that when he goes to the cloning facility, he’s unable to use Creatures babies to unlock the first door.

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