High On Life | How To Modify Or Adjust FOV

Change the FOV in High on Life if you’re tired of the standard field of view and want a more comprehensive picture of your surroundings. There is no way to modify this setting within the game; you must use an outside program. This article will show you how to adjust the FOV in High on Life.

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How To Change/Alter FOV In High On Life

While playing High on Life, you can alter the depth perception of your surroundings by downloading an external application and altering the FOV there. Here, we’ll see how to use High on Life. 

Most gamers have modified the FOV of several games using the Universal UE4 Unlock Application, and High on Life is no different. The FOV is currently limited to 70, but you can modify or expand it using the UUU software. It now functions with both Game Pass and Steam.

To get started, adhere to the guidelines below.

Steps To Increase/Change FOV

  • Download and launch Universal UE4 Unlock Application (google for it and you will find several trusted links)
  • Run the game simultaneously as well.
  • Choose the General Tab in the UUU app, then click High on Life under Process to Inject to
  • It needs to look like this for Gamepass: Oregon-WinGDK-Shipping.exe
  • Afterward, select Inject DLL.
  • A new message with the associated process information will appear.
  • At this point, press the tilde (~) key on your keyboard.
  • Enter FOV 120 or any other desired FOV value in the text box.
  • Hit Enter.
  • Restart the game after quitting the application if you cannot access the text box.

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How To Lock The FOV

  • Run Cheat Engine (Google or type cheatengine.org for the official version) to lock the FOV and prevent it from shifting.
  • When Cheat Engine is launched, load High on Life by selecting the file and process icon in the upper left corner.
  • Select All from the drop-down menu for the Memory Scan option.
  • The value type should be changed to a byte array.
  • Disable the writable checkbox and click Execute.
  • Choose Search for this Array as the scan type.
  • In the Array of Bytes box up top, copy and paste the code: CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC F3 0F 11 89 3C 02 00 00 C3 CC CC CC CC CC CC CC
  • Select First Scan.
  • The processed code will appear on the left. Double-click on it to include it in the description in the box below.
  • When double-clicking on the Value, you can edit the code in a new pop-up window.
  • 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 C3 should be used in place of the code  F3 0F 11 89 3C 02 00 00 C3.
  • Click OK to start the game.
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Every time you load the game, you must go through the process again. While playing the game, you are not required to alter the FOV, but you must go through the process again each time you load. Your FOV can now be adjusted appropriately.

This concludes our discussion of altering the FOV in High on Life. Check out our other guides as well if you enjoy this one. Thanks for reading, I hope you have a great day!

Last Updated on December 14, 2022

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