Hogwarts Legacy – How To Get Highest Score In Summoner’s Court

The entire guide is built around this Class and the activity in this class, which is called Summoner’s Court. I aim to show you how you can get the highest score every time in Summoner’s Court. There are a few tips for this small game you play, so read the guide carefully.

Hogwarts Legacy Summoners Court

Hogwarts Legacy – How To Get Highest Scores In Summoner’s Court

Before we get off with the details on how you can get the highest score in this game, let us first take a look at some details of this game and some rules you need to know to play it properly.

What is a Sumonner’s Court?

You will play this one-versus-one game for the first time with NATSAI. You may find her appearance subtle, but at normal difficulty, her skills are pretty impressive when using a particular spell.

You will get Accio Spell as a reward if you can complete this game. This spell allows you to pull and somewhat control the object.

Hogwarts Legacy Charms class summoners court

Summoner’s Court Rules – There are a few rules to this game that you need to know to play it properly:

  • Use Accio to summon the ball color assigned to you.
  • Pull the ball as close to you as possible without dropping it outside the court.
  • Scoring works like this – 10 points for Red > 20 Points for Yellow > 30 Points for Green > 50 Points for Blue.

The first stage will involve pulling the ball as close to you as possible without dropping it on the ground.

However, there is a second stage to this, where you must pull the ball and dodge the moving boxes simultaneously. The speed of the ball and direction can be affected if it hits the moving boxes, so keep that in mind.

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How To Get the Highest Score every time in Summoners Court

In this section, I will share how I managed to get the highest score every time in this game. The tip is relatively easy; you need to get the timing right.

  • Start by pulling your assigned color ball.
  • For me, Accio is bound to 4, so I use that.
  • As soon as the ball reaches the Yellow marker, Press 4 again to remove the spell.

Hogwarts Legacy summoners court guide

Allow the ball to keep rolling; every time, the ball will end up in the Blue Section. Do this three times, and you will have the perfect score as indicated by the NPC.

The next level involves dodging the boxes and scoring the highest possible score in the said time. I want to share some tips here as well:

  • Right-click your wand in front of you, and you can aim and make a path for the ball.
  • Use this tip to thread the ball between obstacles and boxes.
  • Again, the same method applies here of letting go of Accio as soon as it reaches the Yellow Marker.

Doing this will complete the Summoner’s Court for you for the first time!

I hope you can trounce NATSAI and get the perfect score using the tips shown above. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. For more such guides, keep an eye out on our Hogwarts Legacy Guides page. Happy gaming, Wizards!

Thanks for reading!

Last Updated on February 4, 2024

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