How To Use Nintendo Switch Controller in MH: Rise PC

This guide is useful for players who want to use their Nintendo Switch Pro controller on their PC. There is an unexpected issue which can ruin the whole experience of Monster Hunter Rise. This guide can be used to find a workaround to the problem.

MHR fix nintendo controller on pc

How To Use or Fix Nintendo Switch Controller in MH: Rise PC

Before we dive into the fix for this issue, let us take a look at what you may face if you come across such a problem. Let me remind you that this problem is quite similar to the issue players faced in Monster Hunter World.

This time around, the keybinds for “A” and “B” are getting reversed. If you happen to start the Monster Hunter franchise with MHR, you will not notice too much of a difference. But if you are a veteral MHR player, it can cause issues in your gameplay.

How To Fix Nintendo Switch Controller in MHR PC

Here are the step by step methods to follow in order to mend this problem:

  • Open Controller Configuration for MH: Rise PC

Locate Monster Hunter Rise in your steam library and Right-Click on it. Now select “manage”, then go to “Controller Configuration”.

  • Remap your input buttons for the controller

If you are facing the reverted controls issue, simply interchange the “A” and “B”, as well as the “X” and “Y”. This will bring back the muscle memory if you have made it a staple in previous installments of Monster Hunter

  • Switch A and B in-game

Now, load up MHR, and interchange the A and B buttons for “confirmation” button. This will also help you in navigation if you are used to the same settings on the nintendo switch.

  • Switch the input display to Type 5

This is kind of optional, but I highly recommend that you switch the display type to 5.

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Alternate Fix for Nintendo Controller for MHR PC

There is also an alternate fix for this issue, if you dont want the hassle of configuring and remapping all the binds like I mentioned in the above points. Tkae note that this method won’t be limited to MHR and it will be applied to all the games you play on steam.

  • Go To Steam.
  • Select the “Settings” option.
  • Look at the bottom for the “Controller” option.
  • Now, select the general controller settings
  • Finally select the option “Use Nintendo Button Layout” OR “Switch Pro Configuration Support”

Here is an illustrative image showing you how to do the same:

mhr nintendo switch fix pc

These are the main workarounds for this particular issue for MH: Rise I came across. If the developers do not take the time to address this issue, then this is your best bet to enjoying the game on PC with a Nintendo Switch Controller.

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Last Updated on January 14, 2022

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