God of War – Which Skill To Learn First

God of War is best known for its storyline, graphics, fighting mechanisms, and other things. Combat skills are one of the most important mechanisms in the game. After three years, Kratos’ popularity is still the same.

There are a lot of skills available for the players to upgrade. The players get confused when it comes to which skills to learn first. In this article, we will discuss about the Kratos Skills and their importance. We will also share some tips on how to upgrade them as well as what they are good for.

God of War - Which Skill To Learn First

Which Skill To Learn First in God of War PC

There are a lot of skills that can be used in God of War. There are some skills that are used frequently and others that are rarely used in the game. It is important that you choose your skills carefully so that you don’t waste your time on skills that you rarely use. There are some important skills that we are discussing.

Block Break

Players often use block break in the game. It can stun the enemies for a short time and allow you to perform a move. It’s effective against shielded enemies.

If you use a skill during a break and successfully break a block, you will not receive any damage from the enemy. You can also use it to break your own blocks. A skill that deals more damage to multiple enemies at once. It is generally used in combos to deal more damage to your enemies.

Pride of The Frost

At the very beginning of the game, players should acquire pride of the frost. This skill is similar to a chain of light attacks and heavy attacks. The players have time to clear their surroundings.

This skill will have a cooldown, which should be reduced by leveling up the player’s Skill Points. To unlock the skill, players need to achieve Rank 1 in Light Attack. The light attack will require players to have a minimum of 5% HP remaining, and they need to make sure that there is no enemy present on their location.

Countering Strike

This is a skill players need to master. The players can push the opponent back after the second last block to create a space for them and the enemy. This time can be used for finishing moves or chain attacks.

Countering strikes are very useful for the players to counterattack, to get the upper hand in the game, or to create space for their own attack. The most important of all! Using the right timing, players can use the best moves and counterattack with them. Countering Strike is used for many different reasons.


Ferocity is something that players need to learn. For a few minutes, Atreus can stun anyone. This is an effective skill because of the enemies around them.

However, the player needs to be careful when they use this skill because the enemies will also stun the player if they get too close. Atreus will have a chance to learn this skill at level 12, and it will be unlocked automatically when the player reaches level 15.

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When Kratos is attacked or when they meet some vulnerable enemies, the ability of teamwork allows Atreus to help.

It can also be used to break free from a grapple or from an enemy. The teamwork ability is unlocked at level 4, and is useful in almost every situation. The only time it is not helpful is when the character is attacking. Atreus can perform two Teamwork attacks:

one while moving and one while standing still. The first will be the faster of the two and the second is weaker. Atreus’s main weapon is a dagger. It can be used to attack or to defend against an attack. The dagger can be held in either hand and is always equipped in the left hand.


This skill allows Atreus to perform a combo move and choke an enemy. Tornado Kick: Allows Atreus to perform a spinning kick and attack the opponent in the air.   Neck Cracker: Allows Atreus to perform a spinning kick and attack the opponent in the air.

Atreus is one of the few characters that can perform a spin kick while standing still. Atreus uses his Tornado Kick to perform a spinning kick, which can be performed from either standing or crouching stances.

The move also has a charge up period, which allows Atreus to perform a stronger version of the move called Tornado Kick.


Players need to learn Permafrost at some point in the gameplay also. In this skill, The Leviathan Axe doesn’t get damaged and it gets charged up during attack.

You can also do it on the ground, but you won’t get much damage. In order to activate the skill, press the Q and E buttons at the same time. It is possible to use it in conjunction with the attack of your other skills.

That is all you need to look for while going for the first skill upgrades in God of War PC. If you are also excited as I am, for its PC release, do comment down regarding the same.

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