Legend of Zelda: TOTK – How To Infinitely Dupe Diamonds

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a technical wonder since it runs well on the aging Nintendo Switch hardware. While the game runs well all the time, it isn’t wholly bug-free – and players have identified a big exploit. You can replicate the most valuable goods in the game by pausing rapidly. Know more below.  

How To Dupe Diamonds Infinitely in Legend of Zelda: TOTK

Diamonds in Tears of the Kingdom are incredibly scarce. Learn about the latest duplicating problem in the instructions below, whether you want to get rich or are just interested. It’s a little tricky and may require some practice. You’ll need to open and close your inventory quickly. 

Before tackling this glitch, I recommend going on a diamond hunt – you’ll need a few extra arrows and bows. Diamonds are the most difficult to come by. To earn a diamond, explore caves on the surface map and shatter black ore deposits with rocks. After that, you can begin duping.

Diamond Duplication | Infinite Money Glitch

Benjaninja published this cheat on Twitter. We can make two bows by pausing the game and performing several steps. Attaching an expensive object, such as a Diamond, to your arrow before shooting and duplicating will result in two Diamonds – this works for any item you can connect to arrows.

Still, Diamonds are by far the most valuable. You only need one to begin, and then you can clone as many Diamonds as you like, thereby giving yourself endless money.

The glitch of Duplication | Step-by-Step

  • Prepare your bow by using [ZR].
  • Fuse an object with your arrow by pressing [D-Pad: Up]. Diamonds are ideal for duping.
  • To open inventory, press [+].
  • Drop the bow you’re currently holding. Use the inventory menu to accomplish this.
  • Choose another bow.
  • Press [+] twice quickly. Quickly open the inventory twice.
  • Open your inventory with [+] and remove the bow you’re holding.
  • Exit inventory and retrieve the two bows you dropped.

That’s all there is to it! Whatever substance you’ve fused with an arrow will be duplicated. That means you can double, triple, quadruple, or go above and beyond with your Diamonds. Each diamond is worth 500, which is a significant bonus. With just a few seconds of labor, you can make thousands.

Like every bug, this is entirely up to you – if you want to break the game and get infinite money extremely quickly, that’s entirely up to you. You can’t ruin the game for anyone but yourself, and it may be patched soon. If you’re feeling like a total cheater, act immediately.

Last Updated on May 18, 2023

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