Lethal Company: What are ‘Notes’ and How It Works

Lethal Company: What are ‘Notes’ and How It Works – In the immersive world of Lethal Company, players are assigned ‘Notes’ based on their in-game performance. These brief summaries provide insights into your gameplay style and achievements.

This post will delve into the algorithmic triggers that determine these ‘Notes’ and explore what they mean for you as a player.

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Lethal Company: What are ‘Notes’ and How It Works

🚨 Disclaimer: If you’d rather keep the mystique of Lethal Company intact, this guide might not be for you. However, if you’re intrigued by the inner workings of the game and want to optimize your experience, read on! 🤘

The Spectrum of ‘Notes’

As of now, there are four distinct ‘Notes’ that can be assigned to players. It’s worth noting that you might receive more than one ‘Note,’ adding layers to your in-game persona.

For those who’ve already embarked on the Lethal Company journey, this is likely not news, but understanding the intricacies can add another layer of enjoyment to the gaming experience.

Acquisition Method
The laziest employee.
Having the LEAST amount of steps in a team.
The most paranoid employee.
Having the MOST amount of ‘Turn Amount’ in a team.
Sustained the most injuries.
Having the MOST amount of ‘Damage Taken’ in a team.
Most Profitable
Have recovered the highest total value of scrap.

Exploring ‘The Most Paranoid Employee’ and ‘Most Profitable’

Among the various ‘Notes,’ two stand out: ‘The Most Paranoid Employee’ and ‘Most Profitable.’ Let’s break down the factors that contribute to these designations.

The Most Paranoid Employee: Your ‘Turn Amount’ is a crucial factor influencing this particular ‘Note.’ Essentially, the game interprets your level of panic based on how frequently you rotate the camera.

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If you’re known for flicking your mouse around, especially if you’re coming from shooter games like Rust, CS: GO, Valorant, or TF2, you’re more likely to earn the title of ‘The Most Paranoid Employee.’

This behavior mirrors the common practice of jitter-peeking corners in shooter games, a habit that might stick with you in the Lethal Company universe.

Most Profitable: This designation is tied to the total amount of scrap you’ve managed to recover and deposit in the ship. However, it’s essential to note that dropping loot outside the factory door, only for someone else to carry it to the ship, won’t contribute to your ‘Most Profitable’ status.

The credit goes to the one physically delivering the loot. While these ‘Notes’ currently hold no tangible impact on XP rates or other game mechanics, they add an element of fun and competition to the overall experience.

Final Thoughts

Thanks for accompanying us on this journey through the intricate world of ‘Notes’ in Lethal Company. A special shoutout to the developers for crafting such an engaging and dynamic game.

It’s evident that a lot of thought has gone into the nuances of player experience, and unraveling these details only deepens our appreciation.

🛑 Disclaimer: While we’ve attempted to decipher the game’s mechanics to the best of our ability, nuances, and intricacies might escape our understanding.

The world of game development is complex, and our insights are based on observation and interpretation. Happy gaming! 🎮

Last Updated on November 16, 2023

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