Mario Strikers: Battle League – How To Unlock Bushido Set

The best is saved for the last. This saying is certainly true for the new game featuring the Mario Brothers and all the other favourite characters. Mario Strikers: Battle League has six build sets, with five of them being unlocked right from the beginning.

It is the final set, which is the most powerful, that is unlocked last. The Bushido Set of gear is fully customizable and needs to be bought individually for each character. There are four pieces in the Bushido Set.

Thankfully, players can buy all four pieces for all characters as soon as they unlock the Bushido Set. The following guide will help players in getting the ultimate piece of equipment and how to go about it. 

Mario Strikers Battle League

Mario Strikers: Battle League – Bushido Set

As expected, the Bushido Set has the best facilities for each character’s build. Therefore, you can apply one piece of Bushido Set to any character.

Like Princess Peach will work best in Bushido Bracers through this upgrade to her Technique. However, not everything is rosy. The Bushido Set decreases the points from other stats as your preferred one increases.

Therefore, if you are using Bushido Braces, be prepared to have one point lessened from Strength, Passing, Speed, and Shooting. In other ways, the Bushido Set is pretty much the same in the game.

As mentioned above, it has four pieces with varying good and bad impacts. Along with Bracers, it has Helmet, Sandals, and Armour. The Bushido Helmet betters your Passing by four, the Armour helps in Strength, and the Sandals improve your Speed. Of course, once you apply one piece, the others will get reduced by one point immediately. 

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Mario Strikers Battle League - Bushido Set

Mario Strikers: Battle League – How to get Bushido Set

The only method to get the Bushido Set in the game is by playing and completing each Cup Battle on a Normal level of difficulty. This also includes the Championship Cup.

Having completed all the Cups, you will see that the Bushido Set will be available to purchase. However, the price of buying will be very steep.

Each piece of gear for every character will have players forking out 300 coins. The advantage of the Bushido Set will be felt in the Galactic Mode of the game. Needless to say, this is the most challenging level of difficulty and is unlocked the same way i.e. defeating each Cup Battle on Normal difficulty.

Therefore, players have to be careful in how they build each character so as to win the Cup Battles on Galactic Mode, which includes the Championship Cup. 

Last Updated on February 1, 2024

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