My Time At Sandrock: How To Get And Use The Feather Duster

The existing environment of My Time at Sandrock is filled with sand in a desert-like climate. Given that you are surrounded by sand all the time, one of the biggest dangers to you and the other citizens will be frequent sandstorms.

These sandstorms also get terrible monsters with them and can have a profound impact on your machines. Sand can decrease the effectiveness of your machines and stop your machines from working entirely in some cases. Now, you will require the Feather Duster to get them up and running again.

My Time At Sandrock: How To Get And Use The Feather Duster

The first and foremost task for players in the game is to get hold of the recipe for the Feather Duster. Players will be able to buy it from the Commerce Guild Store, where you will find several different recipes, es too. You will require 87 Gols to unlock.

Once you have the recipe, head back to the workbench, and you can make the Feather Duster. The recipe for the Feather Duster is two Thin Thread, two Wood Stick, and five Feathers.

My Time At Sandrock - buying feather duster

  • Thin Thread x2: You can make it at a Workbench using Plant Fiber or after you have taken down enemies like Bumble Ants.
  • Wood Stick x2: Also crafted at a Workbench through Wood and can be salvaged from Wood Scrap.
  • Feather x5: You can kick down big trees that have them or defeat enemies like Rocket Roosters, which can be present at the ridge located northeast of Eufaula Salvage.
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Using the Feather Duster

After the Feather Duster is ready, you have to equip it yourself through the quick bar and then stand near a sand-filled machine in the game. You will notice an outline coming up around the sand present on the machine and then click the ‘Use’ button, keeping it pressed till all the sand is cleared.

My Time At Sandrock - using feather duster

Additionally, the feather duster is also helpful for cleaning the sand that gets stored on other stuff, including Treasure Chests and objects that are out in the environment during sandstorms.

Thus, that is all the information players will need when it comes to the Feather Duster and its immense importance in My Time At Sandrock. Given that sandstorms do happen from time to time, investing in a Feather Duster will be greatly helpful in the short and long term, so make sure you are going for it whenever possible.

Last Updated on November 6, 2023

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