Persona 3 Reload (P3R): Ultrawide Fix Guide

Are you a fan of Persona 3 Reload but frustrated with the lack of ultrawide support? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered!

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through a simple process to fix the ultrawide aspect ratio in Persona 3 Reload, ensuring a visually immersive gaming experience. Say goodbye to stretched visuals and black bars – let’s dive into the solution!

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Persona 3 Reload: How To Fix Ultrawide

Unlock the full potential of your Persona 3 Reload gaming experience with our Ultrawide Fix Guide. In just two simple steps, learn how to use a hex editor to adjust aspect ratios and enhance visuals, then inject the Universal Unreal Unlocker (UUU) for seamless execution.

Discover a centered UI, improved dialogue portraits, and troubleshoot with alternatives like P3RFix for a hassle-free ultrawide display.

Elevate your gaming setup and say goodbye to stretched visuals and black bars – immerse yourself in the world of Persona 3 Reload like never before!

Step 1: Hex Editing for Ultrawide Support

To kick things off, you’ll need a hex editor. Navigate to your Persona 3 Reload installation directory and locate the main executable file, “P3R.exe.” This file is typically found on your installation drive:

  • \SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\P3R\P3R\Binaries\Win64.

Once you’ve located it, open P3R.exe using your hex editor.

Look for the hex value “39 8E E3 3F” in the file and replace it with the hex value corresponding to your monitor’s aspect ratio. You can find a list of common hex values for different aspect ratios on the WSGF website. Save your changes.

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Step 2: Running the Game with Universal Unreal Unlocker (UUU)

Now that you’ve adjusted the hex values, it’s time to ensure the changes take effect. Download the latest version of the Universal Unreal Unlocker (UUU) from this link. Run the UUU and inject it into Persona 3 Reload.

Step 3: Checking UI Compatibility

You might be wondering about the user interface (UI) after making these changes. The good news is that this fix maintains a centered and proportionate UI.

Although some menus may still display in 16:9 mode with black bars, it’s a significant improvement over stretched visuals. The dialogue portraits also look great in this modified setup.

Troubleshooting and Alternatives:

If you encounter difficulties finding the specific hex value “39 8E E3 3F” or if you’re exploring other resolution options, you can check out the P3RFix GitHub repository as an alternative solution.

Some users prefer P3RFix as it works seamlessly for both ultrawide monitors and Steam Deck 16:10 resolutions without requiring an additional executable each time you launch the game.

Additionally, P3RFix addresses concerns about UI elements extending beyond the 16:9 area.


Congratulations! You’ve successfully applied the ultrawide fix to Persona 3 Reload, elevating your gaming experience to new heights. Whether you followed the hex editing method or opted for P3RFix, you can now enjoy the captivating world of Persona 3 Reload without the constraints of a limited aspect ratio. Happy gaming!

Last Updated on February 6, 2024

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