Rough Amber and Cut Amber Location in LEGO Fortnite

Players will come across several vital resources in LEGO Fortnite, and one of the most important will be rough amber. Players will need to gather rough amber and then refine it into cut amber in the game.

However, rough amber is only present within a particular biome, so those who began in the grasslands can have a particularly hard time finding it. The following guide will help players obtain rough amber and turn it into cut amber in LEGO Fortnite.

Rough Amber and Cut Amber Location in LEGO Fortnite

Players must locate a desert ‘dry valley’ biome in the game. The bad news is that there is no particular way to search for individual biomes. That is why you may have to move around quite a bit in order to get to the dry valley biome.

It can be recognized by its features of a desert, brown color and covered with rocky cliffs and a dry environment. Players can take a fair amount of time to find one, so keep your spirits up!

LEGO Fortnite - finding rough amber

After you have reached a dry valley biome, the rough amber is present atop the cliffs situated here, so you will have to craft stairs to get them. Therefore, you will require a bunch of wood along with yourself to make the stairs that lead up to the cliffs.

Players will also need uncommon pickaxes or even better tools to mine rough amber, as the common brown pickaxe will not have any effect.

After you have collected a lot of rough amber, players can upgrade their Village Square through it, which often turns out to be the maiden time when you will require timber in LEGO Fortnite.

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Obtaining cut amber

Players can refine their cut amber using a Gem Cutter on their rough amber. Players can craft a Gem Cutter by following the below steps:

LEGO Fortnite - cut amber

  • Five rough amber
  • Three sand shells by defeating rollers in desert biomes
  • 20 marble slabs by turning marble from caves through a stone breaker
  • Five sand claws by defeating wolves in the desert biomes

After you have set down your gem cutter, place the rough amber inside to find cut amber with one piece of rough amber getting you one piece of cut amber.

It is similar to what you do when it comes to processing other resources in the game. Players will require cut amber to upgrade their villages and craft rarer axes going forward in LEGO Fortnite.

Thus, that is all the information players will need when it comes to turning rough amber to cut amber. It is not too difficult since you will also need the Gem Cutter regularly, so everyone benefits from this.

Last Updated on December 17, 2023

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