Starfield: How To Have A Ship Without Making It Home Ship

Players have been looting many ships in Starfield, one of the game’s more critical activities. You can get on board and then take out the current crew to make it your own.

However, you cannot actively do anything until you bring the ship to a Ship Services Technician and register it. So, the question arises: is it possible to make a ship your own without going through the whole process of it becoming your home ship?

Starfield: How To Claim A Ship Without Making It Home Ship

Whenever you have taken hold of a foreign ship and want to travel to the Ship Services Technician, there are a few ways to go about it. You can fast-travel, Grav jump, or even end up on a planet that turns the ship into the default home ship. However, you may want not to make it your home ship every time.

Starfield - ship design

Unfortunately, given the options we have discussed, these are the most common ones in Starfield. There seems to be no way of moving across the galaxies if you have not registered the ship as your home ship after looting and claiming it.

There is one remote possibility of landing up at a star station through the normal boosters of your ship. Nevertheless, it will take many hours and is not feasible, given the efforts required in this whole endeavor.

Despite the limitations, there are some things you can do if you want. You can keep it for credits and even act as a temporary option till you get a ship that you want to have in Starfield.

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The other thing for players is to turn off the ship’s engines, finish off the crew, and acquire all the items they can before leaving for their main ship.

Starfield - ship docked

Players who find some contraband in ships are advised not to have it as a home ship, given the uncertainty with the shield cargo space that helps avoid detection.

You can also demolish a ship after rendering it useless, allowing you to increase your Piloting skill if you have not filled it up by that stage. There is some loot to be gotten as well from the supply crate that shows up once the ship goes boom.

For those who want to take a ship home, go over to the port city closest to you and sell all the stuff you have. Remember to remove the contraband before moving on to the merchants who will buy your items in the game, as you can get caught otherwise, which will not be good news.

Thus, that is all the information players need when acquiring a ship without making it your home. Since there is no way to do it practically in the game, you have other alternatives to explore that can enrich your experience.

Last Updated on September 15, 2023

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