Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth – How To Unlock All Three Endings

The immensely popular Valkyrie franchise received a buzz towards the end of 2022 with the software-emulated launch of Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth for PS4 and PS5. There is a lot to be learned about all the gods, once you get past the initial storyline at the beginning.

As you go across your mission of finding the myriad of characters, players will come across a variety of enemies and allies who would be pivotal in your success. A game as complex as this will have a lot of pathways to follow, but in the end, it all comes down to three.

These are the number of endings available in the game, and while two of them are quickly gettable, the third requires a bit of heavy lifting as it is the best one. In that regard, the following guide takes players through the three endings and what is in store for each of them. 

Valkyrie Profile Lenneth

Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth – How to unlock bad ending (Ending C)

The critical reason behind getting this ending is to anger Odin which will demolish his thinking of you. There is an Evaluation Score that shows how highly Odin thinks of you, and this ending is unlocked when you follow the given pathway after the finish of the Artolian Mountain Ruins

  • Players can just move through all the periods as they come up by resting as you click on Triangle
  • Your Evaluation Score will be decreasing after each Sacred Phase
  • Once it goes to zero, visit a town and exit which will cause Freya to give you a final chance
  • As you rest, go to the very next Sacred Phase
  • Now that you have wasted the chance, players can visit a town and after you exit from there, you will have your terrible ending. 

Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth – How to get the nominal ending (Ending B)

This is the default ending of the game which you are likeliest to get. It begins once you reach the Jotunheim Palace after Chapter 8 as you have already gone through all the periods. 

Valkyrie Profile Lenneth - Lucian

Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth – How to unlock the best ending (Ending A)

The toughest ending to get follows a lot of specific requirements that have to be met along the journey of the game. These are: 

  • Chapter 4: Interact with Lucian and then visit Gerabellum
  • Chapter 4: You will have to defeat Lezard Valeth to finish the Tower of Lezard Valeth which will allow you to see the cutscene
  • Chapter 4: Once you have discussed stuff with Lucian, visit the Weeping Lily Meadow
  • Chapter 5: Get Mystina and Lucian to join the team, but do remember to send Lucian to Valhalla in Chapter 7
  • Do make sure to meet up with Brahms in Brahms Castle before the time expires and your choice will not have any impact. 
  • Chapter 7: The value of your Seal should be below 37 or just 37 and the Seal Value is present on the status screen. 
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Players have a Seal Value of 80 in the beginning and transferring characters will only better it. That is why make sure to only transfer one character to Valhalla in each chapter. There is also an increase in Seal Value during Sacred Phases as you are wearing the Nibelungen Ring. So, you can take them off and go through them to deduct two points every time. 

Valkyrie Profile Lenneth - Freya

There is a few more stuff you can do to help your cause like: 

  • Get more characters on the bandwagon as they decrease your Seal Value
  • Keep the Nibelungen Ring off whenever you complete a chapter
  • Get Mystina in Chapter 5

Once you have 37 or fewer in Chapter 7, there will be a scene where Lucian interacts with Frei but make sure to watch this entirely. Additionally, it is important that Lucian is alive when you transfer him so keep his Hero Value high and give him good weapons that will enable him to make it to Chapter 8.

You will be guided to the Weeping Lily Meadow with the help of your Spiritual Concentrations and this is the beginning of the best ending. 

Thus, that is all the information players will need when it comes to unlocking all three endings in the game. The bad and normal one is achievable mostly through regular work, but the best one needs a lot of planning and execution. 

Last Updated on January 2, 2023

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